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How Russia Saved the United States Twice

... an agenda for all democratic state-building in the world for centuries to come. Both Russian and French constitutions have been defined by this narrative. Inspired by the... ... trying to appeal to Catherine’s monarchical sentiments, pleaded her to send 20-thousand Russian expeditionary corps to America to fight against the revolutionaries. The... ... was the Civil War (1861-1865). This time, once again, Russia was on the right side of history. We can draw some parallels between the two contemporaries, the first Republican...


Russia and China in the Arctic: Cooperation, Competition, and Consequences

China and Russia act in accordance with their own interests, which are not always identical. For the time being, the creation of a Russo-Chinese ... ... eclipsed by Moscow’s new confrontation with Washington and a sharp decline in relations with its NATO allies. China is thousands of miles away from the Arctic, so its interests in the region differ widely from those of Russia. They primarily stem from ...


The End of the Cold War: 30 Years On

... should have been changed, if we could go back in time: namely, their attitude towards Russia. But let’s put things in proper order. In March 1985 the Soviet people received... ... European regimes. Since the beginning of perestroika, the leadership was inundated with thousands of letters from ordinary people asking: Why are we involved in the war in Afghanistan... ... been allocated a separate department within the ministry for the first time in its history. President Reagan and Secretary Schultz, who didn’t trust Gorbachev at first...


Russia in a Eurasian Triple Entente, with excerpts from Vadim Tsymbursky and Halford Mackinder

... his political mentor James Byrnes – who promptly set in motion his own agenda and steered the US into an anti-communist crusade against the USSR – laying the basis for a protracted, expensive and miserable cold war, all within the short two years while Byrnes was in charge, before he and Truman had a falling apart. While needing to tread very carefully because of this sad history with strategic partnerships, there may be possibilities for Russia in a new Triple Entente for the next century, this time with partners holding long-term world views – a Eurasian Triple ...


“We win, they lose” – Wonderful world of Binary categorisations

... together, etc.[2]> Simultaneously, Washington’s darling, Francis Fukuyama, published his famous article The End of History? and the book of a same title which soon followed. To underline the prevailing climate in the States, he even dropped ... ... an outfoxing Allies than a winning the war. In both of these huge, cross-European, conflicts the main burden was suffered by Russians. Further on, the ultimate victory was decided nowhere else but on the Russian battlefields. What was the return? The ...


The House That Built Who?

... international practice? There certainly were many such events, but the past twelve months converted quantity into ultimate quality, and Russia’s politics has yet to comprehend their implications. Until recently Moscow believed that despite the obvious asymmetry ... ... suddenly everything began to crumble. Russia is affected, too. Its policy throughout the post-Soviet period, despite Western accusations of revisionism, was motivated by the desire to preserve or recreate the status quo that existed before the dramatic breakup ...


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