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Strategic Instability in the Era of Information and Communication Technologies: Crisis or the New Norm?

... revolution under way, can we ensure a level of strategic security that is both necessary and sufficient? Or will instability become a new trend in global strategic security as well? It would be hard to argue that this is not a crisis. Alexander Savelyev: Russia — US: On the Brink of a New Nuclear Arms Race Today there are two approaches — or rather a rift between the old understanding of “strategic stability,” which took shape during the bipolar era (when the term itself was coined), and a radically ...


India in the Era of Cyber Wars

... space program is a prime example), areas believed to be of secondary importance are plagued by chronic problems. Until recently, cybersecurity was not one of the Indian government’s top priorities, and consequently, the relevant departments in state agencies ... ... Ocean region; on the other hand, U.S. secret services continue to conduct cyber ops that threaten India’s national security. Russia is one of the few great powers that has interests in the region and does not attack India in cyberspace. This is due primarily ...


Cyberwarfare without Rules

The incursion into Russia’s electric power grid, if it did indeed take place, is a gross violation on the part of the United States of the rules ... ... cyberattacks and the rules of conduct in ICT. The Informational Security of Critical Infrastructure Pavel Karasev: New U.S. Cybersecurity Strategies Protecting critical infrastructure from malicious attacks in the ICT environment is a crucial national ...


What Insurance Can Offer for Global Cyberspace Stability and Resilience

... cyber risk insurance , and they were all covered by foreign insurers. But with the government’s declared priority to develop Russia’s digital economy, this is very likely to change. Who should buy cyber insurance? Does every company need cyber risk coverage? Ilona Stadnik: A New Cybersecurity Diplomacy: Are States Losing Ground in Norm-making? Well, this depends on your business model and a company’s ... ... type of cyber insurance policy and coverage is adequate depends on several factors. Coverage may run from a few hundred thousand US dollars to several hundred million, while the premium varies based on industry sector, exclusions and limitations, and ...


Two Cyber Resolutions Are Better Than None

... problem is relevant to virtually all participants in international relations and requires a political solution. At the same time, Russia warned of the dangers of cyber incidents 20 years ago and was the first to launch a discussion on the matter at the United ... ... members. Now, though, there will be two groups… A/RES/73/27 and A/RES/73/266 Maria Smekalova: Close Your Eyes and Do It: Cybersecurity in 2018 Today, we can confidently state that the global discussion on international information security has been ...


Support for Cooperation among Governments to Address Cyber Threats to Nuclear Weapons Systems

... Address Cyber Threats to Nuclear Weapons Systems, PDF For the past four years, Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, Igor Ivanov, Sam Nunn, and their respective organizations—the European Leadership Network ( ELN ), the Munich Security Conference ( MSC ), the Russian International Affairs Council ( RIAC ), and the Nuclear Threat Initiative ( NTI )—have been working with former and current officials and experts from a group of Euro-Atlantic states and the European Union to test ideas and develop proposals ...


Russia’s Huawei 5G Conundrum

How does Russia ensure its national security interests? The action being taken by various ... ... have already been set to disadvantage them. Karsten Riise: Meng Wanzhou Case: The USA Is Dismantling Its Own Empire Thus, according to the document, the NTI was given... ... from Huawei Headquarters is operating robustly and effectively. Ilona Stadnik: A New Cybersecurity Diplomacy: Are States Losing Ground in Norm-making? 5.3 Overall therefore...


The United States, Russia, and Europe in 2018

... Away at Four Gordian Knots. CSIS and RIAC Meeting Report CSIS and RIAC Meeting Report In October 2018, a select group of Russian and American experts met at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington. Their meeting, convened ... ... participants argued that the existing strategic stability talks between the United States and Russia should be broadened to include cybersecurity, “soft” security, and conventional security, as well as nuclear security. This approach could reinvigorate the ...


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