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Can Russia and the West Cooperate in Syria?

Relations between Russia and the United States were already bad two years ago. Even before the problems in Ukraine began, Moscow had granted temporary asylum to former NSA intelligence leaker Edward Snowden and disagreements were deepening between the two countries. U.S. President Barack ...


Putin and Obama Must Meet in New York

It was announced recently that President Vladimir Putin will speak at the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly and will also head the Russian delegation. The upcoming anniversary session of the UN General Assembly later this month — taking place ...


BRICS and food security

Good idea, bad timing? It's not clear whether the world's worst drought in over a century provided impetus for the agriculture ministers of the BRICS nations to gather in Brasilia in March and launch a manifesto designed to make the group a key player in the global food security regime. But they did. Now the world is waiting. From a moral and business ethics perspective the effort makes sense and can add value to the BRICS brand. But success ...


The ISIS Crisis and the faiblesse of global governance

... Obama has just made a rather lackluster speech to build popular support for an unpopular war that is trending toward becoming popular, which means congressional support for more defense spending. Nobody can even agree on the name of the group the United States coalition is fighting. Obama calls it “ISIL”. The New York Times and USA Today call it “ISIS.” Others just call it “IS.” Is’s all part of what an essay by Brookings, who work in Qatar among the private citizens who fund ISIS, calls the the “new Middle East Cold War” ISIS, ISIL,...


Palestine-Israel Talks: Temporary Deadlock or Total Failure?

... population swapped, i.e. to exchange the Arab Triangle (settlements with 30,000 Arabs in the eastern area of the Sharon Plain close to the city of Netanya) for a cluster of Jewish settlements on the West Bank of the Jordan River, including settlements around Jerusalem. 6 . Dekel U., Kurz A., Sher G. The Political Process: Plan A, Plan B and What Lies Between Them // Strategic Survey for Israel 2013–2014. Tel-Aviv: The Institute for National Security, 2014. 7 . President Obama's 2009 idea about resumption ...


Predicting critical events, an institutional challenge.

... went into crafting a safeguards deal with the IAEA- whose short lived success was attributed by some to the branded diplomacy product known as smart power- sending the entire process back to square one. Billions of dollars are spent annually, and thousands of jobs are created in government and the private sector by all major actors. Yet there seems to be an inability to act with mental toughness and provide the sound analysis that avoids “miscalculations.” The European Community dawdled and miscalculated badly on Ukraine and Crimea. One can see the sense of anomie and disconnectedness in the influential American journal Foreign Policy. An article ...


Modern International Mechanisms of Sanctions

... purported research, mentioned in the Annex to the IAEA Director General Report of November 8th, 2011. On November 21st, 2011 the U.S. Department of the Treasury informed that it had found Iran culpable for a Jurisdiction of Primary Money Laundering Concern under Section 311 of the USA PATRIOT Act . The entire financial sector of Iran, including the Central Bank, private banks, and their branches and subsidiaries, including those operating abroad, was connected to the structures posing a threat to the international financial system....


'The Law of Politics' According to Sergei Lavrov

... John Kerry, sat for a wide-ranging interview in March with Foreign Policy Editor in Chief Susan B. Glasser in Moscow, holding forth on everything from why Americans can no longer adopt Russian babies to how come Russia and China team up so much at the United Nations. Susan Glasser, Foreign Policy editor in chief: Minister Lavrov, thank you so much for taking the time. It's a pleasure to speak with you. We are doing a special issue of Foreign Policy magazine that will come out in May and dedicated to power in all ...


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