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Annergret Kramp-Karrenbauer and her revolutionary foreign policy objectives for Germany

... we are together. In fact, the NATO partners in the cold war generally followed their promises to confront former Soviet Union, which was supposed to be the number one geo-political adversary to the NATO. But in our day, the cracks are emerging, while Turkey despite the warnings of the NATO other members, decided to reach a deal with Russia to purchase Russian made S-400 defense system. Furthermore, the country against the will of other NATO members launched offensive in northern Syria. It seems that Turkish president’s cooperation with the NATO’s geo-strategic opponent was more ...


Could Russia “Betray” Cyprus as Donald Trump Did the Kurds?

... always tended to conclude that the Russia-(-Hellenism)-Cyprus set of relations has been so entrenched that even if the Moscow-Ankara bonding were to expand, the former set of relations could well co-habit with the latter [ 1 ]. Presently, however, Russia-Turkey cooperation has reached such levels that the nature of the Russia-Cyprus-Turkey triangle has become labyrinthine . Thus, whereas in previous years the Cypriots could expect and receive Moscow’s effective support and protection from hostile actors,...


Syrian Unity Is Impossible without a Deal between Russia, the USA and Turkey

... the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Bashar al-Assad conquered 70% of Syrian territory, including East Ghouta, the province of Derya, Homs, Aleppo and Palmyra. Only Idlib and East Euphrates remained out of control of Damascus. On September 17, 2018, Russia and Turkey reached a ceasefire with Turkey. Ankara was obliged to cleanse the north-western province from terrorists of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS). Andrey Kortunov: The Astana Model: Methods and Ambitions of Russian Political Action Assad was no less concerned ...


Ian Bond: EU Is Always Open to Dialogue with Russia, but It All Depends on the Terms

... editorial team recently sat down with Ian Bond , Director of Foreign Policy at the Centre for European Reform. Bond is an expert in Russia and the former Soviet Union, European foreign policy, as well as Europe/Asia relations and US foreign policy. In this interview,... ... markets and not favor the creation of European champions, let the market decide, who is the champion and who isn’t. Recently, Turkey launched military operations in northern Syria. In your opinion, how does the EU see Turkey’s actions in Syria? I think ...


The Syrian Crisis Is Now Russia’s to Resolve

... return to the situation before the war. Once the Kurds lost their American allies, Moscow helped them negotiate a deal with Damascus that allowed Syrian government troops to move into Kurdish-controlled territory to protect it from being overrun by Turkey. Russia always regarded the American military presence in Syria as illegitimate, because they were in the country without the Syrian government’s consent. Simultaneous military operations by the US and Russia in the same country, but not exactly on the ...


Troubled Partners: What Russia and Turkey are Dividing Up in Syria

... all their achievements (and territories). Moscow could work through the question of resuming serious talks between the Kurds and Damascus, thereby allowing the Kurds to avoid clashes with Turkey. … A summit of the Astana process guarantor states, Russia, Turkey and Iran, will be held in mid-September. The launch of the Syrian Constitutional Committee is expected to be announced at the summit. Recent developments in the war bolster Damascus’ bargaining positions, yet at the same time they endanger the ...


Operation Towards Eastern Syria: Repercussions on TurkeyRussia Relations

... Turkey will launch a military operation in Syria’s terrorist PKK/YPG-occupied eastern Euphrates region. After the official declaration of the upcoming operation, there occurred the question of “how will it affect the bilateral relations between Russia and Turkey?” There will be no negative repercussion of the operation on Russian-Turkish relations. Timur Makhmutov, Ruslan Mamedov: Russia and the Arab Mashreq: The Post-Conflict Period in Syria The discussions to create a safe zone inside Syria's northeastern ...


Russian Diplomacy with Turkey over Syria

... from Blocks 1 and 2 and 30% from Blocks 3 and 4 of the Akkuyu power plant. After 15 years Russia will receive total reimbursement for the expenses in financing, constructing, and operating the Akkuyu plant. If the “BOO” program is successful in Turkey, Russia can carry out similar “BOO” programs in other developing countries. Success in Turkey means a larger market for Russian firms like ROSATOM to build future nuclear plants in other parts of the world. If Turkey remains involved in a protracted,...


Contradictory Perceptions of Current Russia-Cyprus Relations

... regional involvement, a perceptible “warming” of US-Cyprus relations was pursued by various means, including Nikos Christodoulides’ November 2018 meeting in Washington with the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Timur Akhmetov: It Is Time to Revise RussiaTurkey Relations for a More Stable Future 2. Nicosia has been describing its relations with both superpowers as strong and balanced. And although its “western” credentials are established through -mostly unfortunate- historical antecedents and the ...


RIAC at Beirut Seminar on Economic Recovery of Syria

... Syrian actors in the process, the European outlook, and the Turkish course on economic recovery in Syria with a focus on Afrin and the «Euphrates Shield» areas. Alexander Aksenyonok, RIAC Vice President, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia, presented the Russian view on the challenges of economic recovery in Syria. Some ideas were expressed by Ruslan Mamedov, RIAC Program Assistant, and Yuri Barmin, RIAC Expert, who also moderated one of the sessions.


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