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A Roadmap for U.S.-Russia Relations

... conflict in the future. The analyses that follow examine prospects for Russia-U.S. cooperation in several crucial regions and fields: economics, energy, the Arctic, Euro-Atlantic security, the Middle East, strategic stability, cybersecurity, and countering terrorism and extremism. The report offer concrete, actionable recommendations in each area. Contributors : Heather A. Conley, William Courtney, R. Kim Cragin, Lynn E. Davis, Ambassador James Dobbins, Suzanne Freeman, Andrei Korneyev, Sarah Ladislaw, ...


The White House Captured by Hurricanes

The US President has all chances to turn the “hurricane-like” situation for the best, but… When a politician’s rating is very low, and the opponents keep criticizing, then, any methods and means able to change the situation in favor of such a politician are being used. It might sound weird, but natural disasters may be an effective means to gain political scores, if they are used by professional political strategists. The Trump administration is actually under great pressure put from various sides...


Trump’s card a challenging Shift from Counterterrorism to Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan

... noteworthy rise in terror attacks in Afghanistan, which brought about by Taliban, Al-Qaida and the Islamic State affiliates. Improving the security situation in Afghanistan requires Washington to overcome the challenges in shifting from its current counterterrorism (CT) efforts to a counterinsurgency (COIN) campaign that will be focused on the local population in Afghanistan. The Trump administration should take its first steps in this direction on the military, economic, social, and political levels. ...


Open Letter to President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin

... or accident by restoring communication and increasing transparency and trust. A third step could be to collaborate to prevent ISIS and other terrorist groups from acquiring nuclear and radiological materials through a joint initiative to prevent WMD terrorism . There is an urgent need to cooperate on securing vulnerable radioactive materials that could be used to produce a “dirty bomb.” Such materials are widely available in more than 150 countries and are often found in facilities, such as hospitals ...


ISIS: Turning the Corner or Turning Around?

... respectively the place and time for the chief of ISIS to finally meet his demise. To mention again historical precedents, prominent terrorist leaders such as Al-Baghdadi seem amazingly successful at this hide and seek game. It is impossible to forget how Usama Bin Laden evaded - admittedly with surprising effectiveness - the best efforts of the intelligence services of half the world at locating him for more than a decade. Then, conveniently, he was found living the good life very quietly in the backyard ...


Lost Hopes: 15 Years of Global Antiterrorist Campaign

... principal result of the fifteen-year-long anti-terrorist campaign, which has largely devalued the loss of 3,000 lives on 9/11. The war on terror has to be begun anew, based on the current realities of an even more dangerous and unpredictable world. 1 . USA PATRIOT Act. Its full title is: “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001.”


French-American Cooperation in Africa: Managing Insecurity?

... leaving these volatile and dangerous places for European shores has decreased , arrivals still number in the hundreds of thousands . The bottom line, as the report rightly indicates, is that African security issues have clear implications for Europe ... ... the Western political discourse, responding to humanitarian crises and fostering development essentially gave way to fighting terrorism. Eleonora Lebedeva: Islamic Extremism in Sub-Saharan Africa In part, military solutions are indeed more necessary than ...


Ad hoc Relations for Ad hoc Terrorism

On 25, April 2016 RIAC in cooperation with CSIS held a seminar “Russia-US Cooperation on Building Regional Security”. As participants discussed the ongoing international crises and fight against terrorism, website editor Mariya Smekalova asked Kathleen Hicks (Center for Strategic and International Studies), Kim Cragin (National Defense University) and Olga Oliker (CSIS) three short security-related questions. Is social media only a trigger ...


Western Democracy Is on Trial, More than Any Time Since WWII

... history. As Francis Fukuyama famously noted in “The End of History,” the end of the Cold War marked the end of thousands of years of ideological struggle, and the spread of Western Democratic capitalist ideals all around the world was inevitable ... ... governments whose missions are resisting pressures of EU policy, as racial, ethnic, and religious tension, fears of Islamic terrorism, nativism, and demagogues become ever more commonplace, it is terrifying to envision its future, too. An autocratic ...


Discussion of Prospects for Building Trust between Russia and the US at RIAC

On February 18, 2016 the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) held a meeting of experts with Dr. William J. Parker III, Chief Operating Officer at the EastWest Institute . Dr. Parker is a retired senior naval officer, author of numerous publications on the problems of Islamic extremism in the Middle East, and worked for US diplomatic missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The discussion covered the issues of building trust between Russia and the United States as the countries with the...


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