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Turkey on the Eve of Presidential and Parliamentary Elections: Balance of Political Forces in the Country

In the midst of growing anti-American, anti-NATO and anti-Western sentiments in Turkey, the development of collaboration with Russia in all areas looks a win-win option The next presidential and parliamentary ... ... elections. Perhaps, that was the reason why the Turkish authorities were going to launch military operations against Kurdish forces in northern Syria. Another successful operation, which could have resulted in a crushing blow to the plans of a “Syrian ...


Twelve Years into Syrian Conflict

... the political track without mutual concessions For the past year or two, the situation in Syria has retreated into the shadow of global crises, all exacerbated by the standoff between Russia and the West over Ukraine. The recent tragedy that befell Turkey and the five provinces in the neighboring Syria has once again drawn the attention of the international community not only to the loss of thousands of lives and colossal destruction but also to the extent to which these natural disasters may affect the prospects of national reconciliation in Syria and rapprochement between these two nations with a complex history of relations. While being ...


Syria: Humanitarian Crisis and Disaster

... conflict has also exacerbated the food crisis in Syria. The humanitarian crisis is likely to worsen due to the devastating earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria in February 2023. As of February 10, 2023, the death toll from the natural disaster in Turkey exceeded 17,000; more than 70,000 people were affected. At least 1,347 people died in Syria, and more than 2000 people were hurt. The catastrophe also led to the destruction of thousands of buildings; about 300,000 Syrians have been forced to leave their homes. The number of Syrians in need of humanitarian assistance is constantly increasing. According to the UN , in 2020 11.1 million people, in 2021 — 13.4 million Syrians, ...


Istanbul Terrorist Attack: What Awaits Turkey and its Neighbors?

... seriously complicate the U.S. ability to support the YPG if Ankara decides to conduct a new full-scale military operation in Syria A terrorist attack on November 13 in central Istanbul killed six people and injured more than 80. The tragedy took place ... ... hands-on perpetrator of the Beyoğlu attack confessed during interrogation that she had been sent by PKK/YPG leaders illegally to Turkey via Syrian Afrin. Alexey Khlebnikov: Changing Roles: Why Countries of Middle East May be Future’s Best-Suited Mediators?...


Finishing the Job: Turkey Preparing For Military Operation in Syria

The U.S. is likely to consent to Turkey conducting such an operation as this sacrifice may prompt Turkey to unblock Finland ... ... operations are not directed against the sovereignty of its neighbors (likely a reference to Syria and Iraq). There is little doubt that a “prospective operation” means preparing... ... prohibition under various pretexts. Finally, another trump card may be Turkey’s refusal to accede to anti-Russian sanctions. In the current situation, a conflict with...


Syria: Rules-Based International Order Creates Humanitarian Rule, Not Law?

The situation in Syria has not been resolved and is not yet close to a geopolitical equilibrium The world community survived the UN vote on the ... ... Ankara, Washington and a number of Western countries need to extend the mechanism of cross-border operations in Idlib through Turkey. Syria itself, as well as the states supporting it, including Russia, believe that all the necessary humanitarian aid can ...


First Aid: How Russia and the West Can Help Syrians in Idlib

... no one’s first choice—but would ensure civilians in Idlib continue to receive help The next international showdown on Syria is quickly coming into view. After ten years of conflict, Bashar al-Assad may have won the war, but much is left to be done ... ... locked in an unwinnable status quo. Russia has said that it plans to veto an extension of cross-border UN aid delivered from Turkey, authorised under UN Security Council resolution 2533, which is up for renewal in July, potentially depriving the population ...


Syria: In the Middle of a Long Cycle

What kind of Syria would we like to see and might we see by March 2031? On 6 March 2011, the local security services in the small town of ... ... influence on the Damascus regime is also an open question. Is the dog wagging the tail or is the tail wagging the dog? Could Turkey be the principal beneficiary? Establishing buffer zones in Idlib and in Syria’s northern provinces is Erdogan’s unquestionable ...


The Energy Sector, Competition and Security in the Eastern Mediterranean

... Additionally, the so- called Block 9 is in a part of the field disputed by Lebanon. We can suppose there are large gas reserves off the Syrian coast, as well. By 2020, development had already been launched on several fields but, on the whole, both this process and ... ... Europe demanded that Cyprus be involved. This once again raised the predictable issue of Cyprus and prompted a response from Turkey (which we believe to be somewhat belated). In the course of time, Israel succeeded in securing the support of Egypt, Greece ...


How US “Caesar Act” Will Affect the Situation in Syria and Moscow’s Policy

The American policy towards Syria is becoming increasingly irreversible The parliamentary elections held in late ... ... US-President, the American policy towards Syria is becoming increasingly irreversible. The USA seem to be satisfied with the “freezing” of the situation while maintaining... ... for several reasons, the most important of which is the regional confrontation with Turkey. An arc of instability across the Mediterranean, in which Turkey and the UAE...


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