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Breaking the U.S.-Russia Impasse: Keeping the Door Open to Dialogue

... tensions in both the Baltic and the Black Sea regions? 11 What is the best means to advance the social, economic and political development of eastern Ukraine and Crimea? What should be done about refugee crisis from eastern Ukraine to Russia and from Syria and other countries to the European Union countries? How should Russia and the European Union respond? Impact of rise of China China is the elephant in the room, or as Mao might say, the monkey watching two tigers fight. Is Beijing benefiting from U.S.-European-Russian rivalries?...


Sanctions on Russia: the Risk of a Divided Europe

... European Council meeting has showed (once again) that relations with the Russian Federation are still a dividing element within the European Union (EU). Different threat assessments and interests among Member States risk to hamper the efforts to build up a common ... ... of the conclusions. Renzi’s double-track diplomacy Despite harsh criticism of Moscow’s involvement in atrocities in Syria the recent “Normandy Quartet” meeting showed that both Paris and Berlin want to keep the doors open for cooperation ...


Turkey’s price arbitrage with Gazprom over Turkish Stream

..., Turkey tries to increase its bargaining power and engages into price arbitrage with Gazprom: 10.25% discount offered by Gazprom is deemed insufficient and Turkey does not want to receive anything less than15%. Under the tightened atmosphere of the Syrian military theatre, Turkey threatens to cut off imports should her conditions be not satisfied. Gazprom’s interests in Turkey Turkey’s growing population and business already make it world’s top-20 economy, promising higher energy ...


Russia has to reinvent its economic model

... differences between Russia and most of the Western governments was the definition of ‘terrorist organizations’ in Syria. The West insisted that most of opposition groups fighting against Damascus constituted the so-called ‘moderate opposition’,... ... political differences and put together an anti-terrorist coalition like the one that they had during the Second World War. 3) The European Union (EU) has enforced economic sanctions against Russia because of the conflict in Ukraine. Although such sanctions ...


RIAC Discusses Ukraine and Syria with French Diplomats

... the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, visited the Embassy of France to meet with Head of Continental Europe Department at French Foreign Ministry Florence Mangin for the discussion of Ukraine settlement, implementation progress of Minsk accords, Syria and initial results of the Vienna process on Syria, Moldova, and opportunities for interaction between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union. Moderated by French Ambassador to Moscow Jean-Maurice Ripert, the event was also attended by Head of Department ...


Is Russia a Threat to the Entire European Project? Experts from Russia, EU and United States Meet at RIAC

... für Auswärtige Politik, the Brookings Institution, Johns Hopkins University, Centre for European Policy Studies, RAS Institute for Oriental Studies, IMEMO, Lomonosov Moscow State University and other institutions, who focused on the Ukraine and Syria crises. The Ukraine discussion covered: — Attitudes of Russia, the EU and the U.S.A. on Ukraine's future, including prospects of settlement, reinstatement of territorial integrity and healing the civil war consequences. —  Steps ...


Germany Opens its Doors to Refugees, but only Syrians are Welcome

... it is a situation diametrically opposite to that opted by Germany. Therefore, here comes again the problem of the multi-speed European Union, and it emerges over the EU’s biggest ever refugee crisis, failing to come up with common policies. During ... ... summit (September 24, 2015), European leaders decided to throw money at aid agencies and transit countries hosting millions of Syrian refugees and to step up the identification and finger-printing of refugees in Italy and Greece by November. According to ...


Future Relations with Iran Hinge on Syria Crisis

According to European and Russian experts on the Middle East, use of force against Syria is fraught with dire consequences. On September 23, Russian International Affairs Council held a meeting of analysts from European Council of Foreign Relations and Russian Middle East experts. According to Daniel Levy , ECFR Director of the Middle ...


G8 Summit: suspense

... financial collapse across southern Europe, it would mean the end not only of the single European currency, but also of the entire European Union. This means that Europe urgently needs to consolidate even tighter. Photo: White House The areas of this consolidation ... ... G8 leaders to the acute political problems of the modern world. The summit declaration contains a call to the Government of Syria and all the parties of the conflict to adhere strictly to the conditions of the Annan plan, calling for Iran to comply with ...


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