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The Tesla gas pipeline: have hopes revived?

... proposed route of the Turkish Stream pipeline, a project which was Russia’s reaction to the plan to halt development of the South Stream. Moreover, by all indications the group will be institutionalised and meetings of the member countries will be regular.... ... noteworthy that these countries want to build a common gas infrastructure, using among other things the financial resources of the European Union. In the joint declaration on strengthening cooperation in the energy sphere which was signed at the end of the ...


The Course of South Stream

... President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Ankara, at the height of the confrontation with the West over the crisis in Ukraine. The European Union stands to lose the most from the move. By itself, however, redirecting the pipeline through Turkey rather than ... ... does not strengthen Russia’s position on the European gas market from a strategic point of view. Rather, abandoning the South Stream project should be a good reason to start a new chapter in energy cooperation between Europe and Russia. The decision ...


Bulgaria’s New Coalition and the Future of South Stream

... had a convenient excuse not to do anything: Bulgaria having decided to freeze the construction of the pipeline, following a European Commission threat of initiating infringement procedures. Bulgarian tenders for building the pipeline did not fulfill European Union criteria, and the project itself was not in line with the EU’s Third Energy Package stipulating third-party access. From the point of view of Bulgaria, South Stream has one major flaw. Projected to cost up to €7 million per kilometer, observers claim that South Stream will cost more than twice what a similar pipeline would cost in Germany, for instance. The difference between the market price and ...


PUSH and PULL, the double-faced strategy dividing the EU from Russia

... replace the old partner and do even more. TTIP Yes, TTIP No On this subject the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership or TTIP is a trade agreement proposal currently under negotiation, which aims to create an area of free trade between the European Union and the United States. In June 2013, the EU gave directives to its delegations to handle the talks6, but the progress was slow and during the first quarter of 2014 there was still much more to be done7. Coincidentally, this is the same ...


European Union and the Vexed Question of Russian Gas

... and the EU, which are currently being held in Berlin[13]. The three-party conference, a diplomatic turning point Among other topics, the meeting is centered on the discussion of issues concerning the gas price for Ukraine and its impending debt. The European Union might be trying to put obstacles to the South Stream project in order to grant concessions for Ukraine, most likely in view of its association with the EU. This is quite evidently a dangerous bargaining position. On one side South Stream aims to assure a steady provision of gas to the EU itself,...


Energy Cooperation: A Policy of Slow Strangulation

... new market outlets is far from being its priority goal. Its main purpose is to redirect gas transit flows via Ukraine (according to the Ukrainian data, 86.1 billion metric tons in 2013 against 119.6 billion m3 in 2008), bypassing the latter. Today the European Union is facing an unconventional choice. The first option is to “bury” the South Stream Project for the purpose of rendering political and economic support to Ukraine. The other option is to allow the South Stream Project be implemented, thereby avoiding such risks. At the same time, this scenario will significantly undermine ...


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