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Political Multipolarity vs. Economic Unipolarity: 2018 Results and 2019 Intrigues

... guarantees at all that other Russian global companies will not be subjected to the same treatment. The intrigue of 2019 will be the introduction of US sanctions against Chinese companies. The case of Huawei will play a key role in this respect. By imposing sanctions on China’s ZTE, the Americans made the company almost fully subordinate to the US authorities: there are high fines, dismissal of employees guilty of violations and presence of US observers. The bad situation may change for the worse if the Americans transfer ...


Meng Wanzhou Case: The USA Is Dismantling Its Own Empire

... “foreigner” — perhaps even playing on being condoned (or even hailed?) by the US public at home by way of xenophobic US sentiments. Igor Ivanov: Road to Nowhere The US-Canadian legal expedition into this wilderness will create many nasty outcomes: (A) China will surely retaliate, arresting high-ranking US business nationals. (B) Other nations — not only China or Russia, but also the Philippines, India, even France or Germany (what about the UK!) may start to arrest US nationals, when it suits them....


CICIR’s delegation visits RIAC

... Junior Research Fellow Raisa Epikhina took part in the meeting. Experts noted the positive dynamics of the development of Russia-China cooperation accompanied by steady deterioration of their relations with the United States. The parties assessed the current ... ... unfavorable to building a constructive political dialogue between the key regional players. They also discussed the facilitation of sanctions pressure on Russia and risks it poses to third parties. RIAC and CICIR agreed to promote mutual contacts stressing the ...


Iran’s Presence in Syria: Is It There for the Long Haul?

... Syria Samer al-Khalil spoke about the need to use national currencies in mutual payments due to the United States reinstating sanctions against Iran. The Minister mentioned cooperation in several areas, such as tax regulation in bilateral trade, housing ... ... and, curiously, investment in rebuilding Syria, for which Iran has no money. Tehran is forced to act with regard to Russia and China’s support, given the unwillingness of European investors to invest in post-war rebuilding of Syria. Like Minister Hatami,...


Financial Services Volunteer Corps Conference

... of the three-day conference with the participation of former and current high-ranking government officials from China and the United States, representatives of international financial organizations and private banks, as well as experts from Russia, China, and the US, the following issues were discussed: objectives and costs of international sanctions regimes, international political aspects of new financial technologies, prospects for the development of crypto-currencies and the use of "blockchain" technologies, as well as the general state of the world financial markets and their ...


RIAC and Fletcher School Work Meeting on «Sanctions against Russia: Escalation Scenarios and Countermeasures»

... sanctions regime of the Western countries towards Russia and prospects for the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, the issues of the EU-the U.S. relations in connection with the situation around Iran, possible measures and mechanisms for mitigating sanctions, as well as scenarios for the development of foreign policy economic instruments in the U.S., EU, Russia, and China. Leading scientists and experts in the area of international relations, world economy, conflict resolution, as well as representatives of law firms took part in the event.


Sanctions Have Not Been So Bad

... Of course, there have been losses, there has been some pain on both sides, but it’s slowly getting better. What prospects do you see for our economic ties, maybe in the energy sphere as well, given the circumstances we are living in? Igor Yushkov: Sanctions vs. Cheap Oil: What is More Dreadful for Russia’s Fuel & Energy Complex? For European Union countries, one main point is that they’re a net energy importer. The EU is the largest net energy importer in the world, bigger than Japan and China. Its production is scheduled to go down and its consumption is projected to rise. So it will need to fill that gap — that growing deficit — with energy from somewhere else. Now, of course, people are talking about diversification, about seeking ...


What is the Difference between Sanctions against China and Sanctions against Russia?

... or to increase pressure on it. Therefore, the new Chinese companies and citizens may be added to the blacklist. And Russians may be there along with them. How likely is the escalation of US sanctions? What is the difference between sanctions against China and sanctions against Russia? How far will Washington go? The American policy of sanctions in its current form differs from the sanctions of the 1990s and the early 2000s. Before, the main means of sanctions pressure was trade, but now the sanctions migrated ...


Beware of What You Wish for: the Unconsidered EU Consensus on Russia

... policies towards Russia in the last two decades supporting its structural modernization. And it is still the prevalent approach. Sanctions were conceived as a dissuasive measure regarding the Kremlin’s intervention in Ukraine, not as a tool to ruin ... ... and neighbors than the European Union. Last but not least, there is no any indication suggesting that Asian powers, including China, share this strategic view regarding Russia. Beijing sees Moscow as a key diplomatic partner when it comes to challenging ...


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