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Andrey Kortunov: Cooperation with the West Will Only Happen When Russia Modernises

... We are facing a generational change among the leaders of the world’s great powers. Russia can return to closer relations with the West only if the Kremlin’s future leaders sets itself the goal of serious social and... ... Normandy Four. Agreement was reached on gas transit. Consultations between Russia and the European Union began on 5G communications. It is true, of course, that one cannot really... ... major powers in the world, such as the US, the EU and Russia? Igor Ivanov: Rethinking International Security for a Post-Pandemic World It is difficult to say, because at...


Standing for Everything Evil against Everything Good: Russia’s Hostile Measures in Europe

Analysing the RAND Corporation’s Report “Russia’s Hostile Measures in Europe” In late January, researchers from the renowned U.S. research centre RAND Corporation ... ... within the near abroad in order to pull these countries into its sphere of influence; increasing cooperation and trade with Western Europe; undermining enlargement of the European Union and NATO into the post-Soviet space. It is assumed that Moscow will use “measures short of war” as a tactic....


RIAC at IAI Expert Meeting «Russia and the West: What future for the European Security Architecture and the OSCE?»

... discussion organized by the Italian Institute of International Affairs (Istituto Affari Internazionali — IAI) focusing on «Russia and the West: What future for the European Security Architecture and the OSCE?» On June 25, 2018, Vienna hosted a round-table discussion ... ... correlation of the OSCE potential with the capabilities of other organizations dealing with security issues in Europe (NATO, the European Union). Aleksey Gromyko, RIAC Member, Director of the RAS Institute of Europe, Andrey Zagorsky, RIAC Member, Director ...


Unbalanced Europe and the New Order in the OSCE Space

... glorious past. The illusion that it is possible is depriving us of our future Introduction The collapse of relations between Russia and the West after 2014 put an end to the idea of Greater Europe. The area of common security and cooperation from Lisbon to Vladivostok,... ... a government unwilling or unable to address mounting problems. Given such circumstances, the growing, prosperous, and stable European Union was inevitably turning into an attractive aspiration. The deeper and longer the archaization of the new states ...


RIAC at Dahrendorf Symposium 2016

... military, mostly from the EU member countries. Alexey Gromyko, RIAC member and Director of the RAS Institute of Europe, and Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, took part in the work of the Dahrendorf Symposium and addressed the meeting. Programme European Union in the World 2025 – Scenarios for External Relations


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