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“Hybrid war” – a Scholarly Term or a Propaganda Cliché?

... phase” in a “hybrid war” look logical in the picture painted by Rácz, but are not confirmed either by the official statements of the Russian authorities or by the results of journalistic investigations , or by the assessments of Russian and western observers. The available evidence gives grounds for thinking that Moscow did not have a prepared plan against Ukraine in place and its military and political actions during the Ukrainian crisis were predominantly of a responsive nature. Before the night of 22—23 February 2014, when the Russian leadership took the decision to annex Crimea, it is doubtful ...


Ukraine Crisis More Dangerous Than Cold War

Instead of a new Cold War, someday we could face a real, large-scale military conflict Since the crisis in Ukraine began, many have claimed that a new Cold War between Russia and the West already exists. This rhetoric, used even by high-profile politicians, in my opinion, is driven mostly by emotions and is meant to justify difficult positions taken by one or the other side. I am convinced that no Cold War of the type we experienced ...


How the Ukraine-Russia -West Crisis Might Come to the End

... safety of the former Soviet Baltic republics . Which of the scenarios – cold war or cold peace – will come true in the future nobody knows. The equilibrium has been upset, the established border questioned, and the political actors – Russia, Ukraine and the Western nations – have different views and visions regarding the essence of the confrontation in Ukraine.


A Beginning of Dialogue? Russia's Ivanov and Germany's Ischinger Discuss the Ukraine Crisis

... the legacy of the Cold War IVANOV: Second, the crisis has shown that the gulf of mistrust separating Russia and the West remains as wide as it was twenty years ago. The old ideas and old fears have proved to be extremely tenacious, causing many in the West and Russia to view the events in Ukraine as a zero-sum game. The Cold War-style rhetoric is gaining momentum, and the hawks on both sides have become media darlings and the shapers of public sentiment. The second lesson of the crisis, then, is that we mustn't assume that the hangover ...


It's Time for a New Helsinki Conference on European Security

... involved keep saying. However, if more time passes with continued tit for tat between the major players, it is likely that not only will a new cold war develop, but that even the accepted rules of the first Cold War will not likely be followed. Both Russia and the West have a lot to lose if the crisis in Ukraine is not resolved quickly and peacefully. However, the world has a lot to lose if the West tries to isolate Russia further and there is a breakdown of the Helsinki Act. Russia can play the spoiler to the West by helping Iran and Syria defy the United ...


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