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Nuclear War — a Hypothetical Scenario or a Real Threat? RIAC Urban Breakfast

... more complicated to control nuclear deterrence between Russia, the U.S. and China. China will agree to become a member of the nuclear arms control system only when their... ... an open military clash between the armies of several countries (several hundred thousand people), now there is no need for its use. In addition, the consequences of using... ... to use nuclear weapons rather than cross the line of nuclear escalation. Video (In Russian)


Russia’s Turn to the East: Between Choice and Necessity

... facto sovereignty and, in a sense, a capacity for limited autarky. Therefore, for all the importance of ties outside the West, Russia cannot simply reorient itself from one direction to another while maintaining its historically-formed strategy of dependence ... ... the “turn to the East” strategy in its concrete expression did not go beyond the establishment of really strong ties with China, together with which Russia has now begun to solve the really important problems of the international order. In all other ...


Russian–Chinese Dialogue: The 2022 Model

RIAC, Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Institute of International Studies at Fudan University Report #78 / 2022 RIAC, Institute of ... ... University presents the common views of leading Russian and Chinese international affairs experts on the development of Russia-China cooperation in 2021 and the first quarter of 2022. That was the period when international environment and increasing global ...


Taiwan Straits Crisis Shows US' Inability to Conduct Coherent Foreign Policy

Though Russia is not close to Taiwan Straits, any conflict in East Asia will have a spillover impact on people in the rest of the world ... ... Taiwan island amounts to more than 7,000 kilometers - not exactly what you would call a nearby neighborhood. Still, the recent US-China crisis over the Taiwan question has inspired a lot of passionate discussions in the Russian capital, like in many other ...


What Is a Sovereign State?

... of which states will survive in the new world is becoming increasingly relevant. It is no coincidence that the President of Russia regularly addresses this problem. In one of his recent speeches at the forum of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Vladimir ... ... in addition, is considered by individual regimes as a kind of ideal “guarantee” that the bigger neighbours — Russia or China — could more insistently indicate to their small neighbours their place in the geopolitical position. However, this international ...


The Policy of Sanctions and the Golden Horde Legacy

In the context of the sanctions tsunami, Russia will have to face the good old practice of bans and “jarligs”, recalling the experience of the Horde The modern policy ... ... both the despotisms of the past and some modern states that rely on autocracies. First and foremost, these include Russia and China. The superiority of capitalism and the market is also part of the Western identity. It is opposed to non-free economies,...


The Aspen Institute and Centre for European Reform Workshop on the U.S.-EU-Russia-China Relations

On July 12, 2022, the Aspen Institute Italia and the international Center for European Reform held an online expert workshop on the U.S. and European Union relations with Russia and China in the new geopolitical and geo-strategic environment. On July 12, 2022, the Aspen Institute Italia and the international Center for European Reform held an online expert workshop on the U.S. and European Union relations with Russia and China ...


How Russia Must Reinvent Itself to Defeat the West’s ‘Hybrid War’

Russia's Very Existence Is Under Threat. The Country Has to Take Serious Measures to Ensure It Survives The stand-off between ... ... US-led West to finally resolve the «Russia question» and create favorable prospects for victory in the confrontation with China. Such an attitude on the part of the adversary does not imply room for any serious dialogue, since there is practically ...


China and Russia: Dialog in the Face of External Challenges

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is the most radical international political change to date, and the most difficult political choice China has yet faced When talking about external challenges for ChinaRussia relations, we should first clarify what they mean given the current political situation. These challenges can be considered from different perspectives. At the ...


G20 Will Not Become an Enlarged G7

... Opportunities and Limits This year, the FMM takes place under extremely challenging political circumstances resulting from the Russia-Ukraine conflict and, more generally, from Russia-West confrontation climbing to a new, unprecedented level. One cannot ... ... Lavrov can count on a chain of bilateral consultations with his counterparts from several non-Western G20 countries including China, Mexico, South Africa and Brazil, as well as with the invited leaders of some international organizations. However, the ...


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