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A Scenario in Syria

... more enemies fighting against them. Thirdly, Israel could assist Sunni circles to recreate ISIS-like fighting groups inside Syria, to weaken the Shia Iranians inside their strategic hinterland inside Syria. However, facilitating a reemerging ISIS in Syria would create a terrorism problem in the EU, Turkey, Russia in other places—and if discovered, would severely degrade international diplomatic support for Israel. Looking at all the options, it remains hard to see, how Israel can ever win or even manage such a scenario. Not only will the military situation ...


It Is Time to Revise RussiaTurkey Relations for a More Stable Future

Interconnectedness of Turkey with Europe and USA may be of good utility for Russian global foreign policy With ongoing debates on Russian-made S-400 deliveries to Turkey, fate of continuing cooperation of Russia, Turkey and Iran in Syria and future of Ankara’s relations with the European Union and NATO, it is high time to make an honest review of Russian-Turkish relations, define weaknesses of bilateral cooperation and try to sketch a framework for a better future. Inspection ...


The American Withdrawal: Winners & Losers

... avoiding US forces would greatly simplify a complicated battlespace environment. President Vladimir Putin has certainly claimed in a recent news conference that he supports decision to withdraw, "Donald's right, and I agree with him." As the Syrian conflict winds down, a US withdrawal would concede any voice that the US would have in the post-conflict rebuilding process. Despite tense moments in the past, Russia maintains relatively friendly ties with Iran, Israel, and Turkey. This relationship is delicate however, as all sides have differing strategic objectives. It is unclear how long Russia can maintain relations with these three countries without upsetting one or more parties, particularly the adversarial and seemingly ...


Idlib May Split RussiaTurkey — Iran Alliance

... summit, the upcoming March municipal elections in Turkey were likely taken into account. Assad's offensive in Idlib can undermine the rating of the Justice and Development Party. Increasing understanding of the real danger and the likelihood of the Russian-Iranian-Syrian campaign formation and solidification, may soon lead Turkey to acknowledge that it is better to be a part of this operation rather than retaining a passive observer status. On the way to Turkey, from the board of his plane, Erdogan admitted a joint military action against HTS. “Joint operations can be ...


The Astana Shackles

... 2019, the Syrian government had regained control over most of its territory with help from its allies. Now, in addition to questions of the regime's survival, the clashing interests of Syria's supporters have taken on new prominence. In addition to Russia and Turkey's differences over Syria, the situation has been complicated by growing discord between Russia and Iran, even though both support the Assad government. They are trying to avoid sizing each other up, but they are also aware of the threat of mounting risks. Aleksandr Aksenenok: ...


Can the Idlib Memorandum Freeze the Conflict?

... implementing the Sochi agreements. Nonetheless, Russia has demonstrated that it still has a decisive word in Syrian affairs, as well as enough influence on both Damascus and Tehran to prevent a military operation with as much as a decision only. In addition, Russia can count on Turkey making concessions on the political track of the Syrian settlement process. In practice, Turkey can be expected to promote various “frozen” projects more actively within the peace process that would stand no chance of being implemented in the event that military actions were to start. This applies ...


Russia and Turkey: Approaches to Regional Security in the Middle East

... little help as a partner in light of the upcoming U.S. presidential election. Instead, Russia decided to rely on those regional powers which had actual influence on the situation in Syria. This led, in late 2016, to the proposal of the Astana format of Syrian negotiations, with Russia, Turkey and Iran acting as guarantors. The process began at the same time that Aleppo returned to the full control of the Syrian government forces. Given these developments in the Middle East, at the theoretical level, Russian researchers concluded ...


Power Struggle beyond the Borders: Turkey-Syria Relations and Reconstruction of Syria

... Turkey wants to put an end to all its problems and benefit from the process of reconstruction. Since the beginning of Syrian civil war, Turkey has managed to maintainits presence in Syria, except for the major crises such as the SU-24 conflict with Russia. It is another topic for discussion whether Turkey’s Syrian policy was effective or not in the framework of national interests. Syria has had a place in Turkey’s agenda for 7 years without any deduction butit is still uncertain if Turkey will be able to participate in reconstruction of Syria. Joost Hiltermann: ...


Syrian Surprises

... weak strategically. The Turkish factor is also complex. Observers are under the impression that Ankara is currently manoeuvring between Moscow and Washington in a desperate attempt to secure a foothold in Syria. This much was evident at the summit on Syrian settlement between Russia, Turkey and Iran held in Tehran. On the one hand, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to have successfully staved off the planned massive offensive in Idlib by the Syrian Army with support from Russia and Iran. On the other hand, Ankara has ...


The Fate of Idlib. Is It Important for Russia?

... Workers’ Party, considered a terrorist organization in Turkey. Actually, because of this, relations between Turkey and the US continue to worsen. In addition, there is the problem of Fethullah Gülen, regarded as the organizer of 2016 coup attempt in Turkey. This is why Russia has to take a restrained position on this issue so that the developments in Syria evolve in line with its interests. On this, Turks can be helpful, if they propose solutions on the settlement of the situation in the eastern part of Syria for the sake of preserving the country’s territorial integrity. Areas occupied by Kurds ...


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