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Donald Trump Will Follow Barack Obama’s Footsteps

... Trump bills himself, with his “America first” slogan, is less tied to the US’ traditional allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, protecting and supporting whom has become a burden for the US tax payers. It has already led people to call him ... ... of view). REUTERS/Rick Wilking Igor Ivanov: U.S. Diplomacy in the Shackles of Election Politics Trump is not concerned about Russia’s military presence in Syria as he thinks that the Russian air force does some of the work Americans would have to ...


Majed Al-Turki : Russia and Saudi Arabia face similar challenges

... held a roundtable on Russia ’ s cooperation with Persian Gulf states in solving statehood crises in the Middle East. Dr. Majed Al Turki, Director of the Saudi Centre for Media and Arab-Russian Studies (Saudi Arabia) commented on the pact between Russia and Saudi Arabia to stabilise the oil market. Russia and Saudi Arabia had long been unable to reach consensus on crude oil price stabilisation for quite a long time. What was the reason for the quite unexpected signing of the memorandum on the sidelines of ...


The failed coup may well accelerate the recent Russo-Turkish détente

... will be felt in the entire region for many years to come. What can external powers do to mitigate the turmoil in the region? To be sure, any external involvement is likely to have only a marginal impact on key regional countries like Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran. However, a new concept of regional collective security proposed by the international community might help to limit the international repercussions of domestic crises like the one that took place in Turkey, and provide for a regional ...


Russian and Saudi experts discuss bilateral relations and Middle East

On September 6, 2016, in Moscow the Russian International Affairs Council and Saudi Center for Media and Arab-Russian Studies held a roundtable with participation of key Russian experts and researchers from MGIMO, Higher School of Economics, RAS Institute for Oriental Studies, IMEMO, Russian ...


Possibilities of a Strategic Relationship Between Russia and Saudi Arabia

... market. Changes in the region and around the world, as well as the declaration by Saudi Arabia in April 2016 of its socioeconomic transformation in the “Vision for Saudi Arabia until the year 2030” open up new opportunities for the two countries. Russia and Saudi Arabia have never enjoyed a strategic relationship. And ties between the two countries are far from being sustainable or multilateral. The development of mutual ties is affected by the track record of relations, in which each country’s views on ...


Algeria: Russia’s Crisis-Proof Partner in the Arab World

..., Libya and Syria. Generally speaking, Algiers is striving to preserve the so far surviving states of the Greater Middle East in the existing borders and to stabilize the environment, since its deterioration will threaten Algeria, which is something Russia is also trying to achieve. Yemen In actuality, Algeria’s stance runs counter to the plans of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and certain Western states. For instance, in 2015 the Algerian government effectively disrupted Riyadh’s schemes to send a “joint Sunni army” to Yemen to fight against the pro-Iranian Houthis. By doing so Algeria obviously ...


Russian and GCC Perspectives: OPEC, Russia, and falling oil prices

... prices rose, approaching 40 USD/bbl, precisely after information about an imminent agreement among oil producers regarding a production freeze at January 2016 levels emerged . At a February 16 meeting in Doha, aimed at supporting global oil prices, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Venezuela decided to fix the average 2016 oil output at January levels, but they made it clear that implementation of the freeze was conditional upon other nations agreeing to participate. Readiness to support the measure was expressed ...


Saudi Arabia Is Interested in Developing Expert Dialogue with Russia

... of cooperation between the two organizations. During the meeting the sides discussed prospects for holding joint scientific and expert events. The Saudi side proposed to run this year a conference on the present stage of bilateral relations between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Such an initiative could contribute to discussing a wide range of obstacles that hinder multilateral cooperation between the two countries. Economic projects and the work of the media were noted as the key directions in this respect. RIAC ...


Crowdfunding with the enemy

... on the characteristics of crowdfunding schemes that change on a daily basis, much like markets that post profits and losses. Welcome to crowdfunding with the enemy. Here'show it works. Reuters and CNN buzzed up a tenuous agreement between Russia and Saudi Arabia to freeze oil output at current “maximum” production levels( no reduction in production). But this initiative can't move forward without the approval of Iran, who want to increase production and earn hard currency. What ...


The Middle East between the U.S. and Russia: Potential Traps for Moscow

... of the Russian presence nor of U.S. policies, the atmosphere has become permeated with nervousness, unpredictability and high risks. All of this may drive them into steps fraught with long-term hazards. New Regional Escalation as a Maturity Test for Russian and American Strategies Broken diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran have only legitimized the mutual rejection and antagonism, which for a long time had existed in the form of proxy wars. A further unbalancing of regional security may entail an aggravation of current crises and an exacerbation of ...


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