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Yemen after Saleh’s Death: Moscow on Standby

... resources and current foreign policy priorities. Therefore, Russia’s commitment to promoting the political process can be defined as long-term. In this context, we cannot avoid mentioning the Syrian conflict and possible relevant trade-offs between Saudi Arabia and Russia. However, it would be unreasonable to tie the conflicts in Syria and in Yemen together, even though some Russian experts believe that Syrian armed groups with connections to certain Saudi circles pose the greatest threat to the so-called de-escalation ...


Analysis: The King's Visit to Moscow is a Major Turning Point in Middle-East Politics

... guaranteer. The Saudis also believe that Russia in Syria will definitely minimise the Iranian influence over there. In short, they prefer to negotiate with far, friendly and global power rather than a regional, close and hostile power. In addition to that, Russia and Saudi Arabia have proved -to each others- during the past three years they are capable of finding common grounds and pushing their cooperation higher. This is what Iran and Saudi Arabia failed to do in the past thirty years. It is, with no doubt, a result ...


Yemen Crisis: Causes, Threats and Resolution Scenarios

... humanitarian catastrophes of the 21st century, causing concerns for the United Nations and the international community. If urgent measures are not taken to resolve the political crisis in the country, the situation could present greater challenges. Russia has been consistent in calling on global and regional forces to work together in trying to resolve the region’s problems. The current environment requires new approaches to the crisis in Yemen. Recommendations Russia commands the diplomatic and ...


Saudi Arabia and Yemen Specialists Visit RIAC. TASS Press-Conference

... Russian experts took a keen interest in the report. The speaker touched upon different levels of the issue including regional level. The experts discussed possible parameters for handling the situation and exact proposals that could be supported both by Saudi Arabia and Russia, representing different sides of the Yemen conflict. Special attention was given to the humanitarian situation, gender issue, etc. Russia was represented by specialists from the Institute of Oriental Studies at Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian ...


Russian–Saudi Relations Entering New Phase

... are the ongoing preparations for the Saudi monarch’s upcoming visit to Russia, his first ever. Normally King Salman, 81, only graces the closest allies and most important partners with his presence. Despite all this, it would be naïve to think that RussiaSaudi Arabia relations will develop in an exclusively positive way. For example, German media recently ran a statement allegedly made by Prince Mohammad to the effect that Russia poses a threat to Saudi Arabia, and that it would only take the Saudi army ...


Qatar Сrisis: What’s Next?

... Directorate of the General Staff of Russia, on Taksim Square in Istanbul. Turkey’s membership of NATO prevents it from actively cooperating with Moscow not only in matters of trade and economics, but also of political and security matters. Likewise, Saudi Arabia remembers that the Soviet Union was the first government to recognize it in 1926, and that Russia’s first permanent consulate in the country was opened in the capital city of Heijaz — Jiddah — in 1891. Russian-Iranian history also features a lot of drama but we have maintained a close partnership with the Islamic Republic of Iran. No ...


A Meeting with Delegation from Saudi Arabia

. The meeting was devoted to Russia-Saudi Arabia humanitarian cooperation in crisis situations in the Middle East, as well as countries' participation in multilateral humanitarian missions On April 18, Aleksandr Aksenenok, RIAC member, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipoteniary, and ...


Donald Trump: The 'Unreliable Flip-Flop Loser' President Who 'Lacks Stamina'

... to eradicate in his inauguration speech. Make America War Again Trump has somersaulted a full 180 degrees to capitulate to America’s Wahhabi lobby, led by the likes John McCain, Lyndsey Graham and Hillary Clinton. Any deviation from this norm was considered a Russian plot. However, when those Tomahawks were launched on April 6, Washington had magically found a president for all Americans; one who was no longer a budding dictator, a new Hitler or a Putin shill! Gone too would be Trump’s vows to eradicate ...


Russia – GCC Relations After the Signing of the JCPOA with Iran

... region. The campaign by the Syrian regime against its own people has had a devastating spillover impact. The GCC states have been patient observers of Russia’s actions. REUTERS/Faisal Al Nasser Anna Manafova: Is Oil-And-Gas Friendship Possible Between Russia and Saudi Arabia?s The GCC states have attempted to use various economic and political levers to bring Russia closer. Most GCC-Russia business and economic initiatives have yet to see the light of day. Per one Russian expert, Russian business is notoriously ...


Is Oil-And-Gas Friendship Possible Between Russia and Saudi Arabia?

Following the drop in oil prices and the souring of US-Saudi relations, there have been increasing signals of rapprochement between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Both countries' senior representatives have been voicing intentions to strengthen energy cooperation. Could this lead to a new oil-and-gas friendship? Oil market regulation Judging from the agreements reached recently between Saudi Arabia ...


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