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Moldova: As Pavel Filip Forms Cabinet, the Opposition Unites in Protest

... majority alliance. The criticism of the new Moldovan government is gradually decreasing in intensity: the pro-Western forces are aware that a questionable power is still better than the rise to power of the left-wing forces. As to the opposite side, the Russian Foreign Ministry revealed that it monitored the situation in Moldova closely, and President Vladimir Putin put the issue of Moldova on the agenda of the Security Council meeting. At the same time, severe criticism of power by the pro-Russian parties and their numerous acts of protests testify to the revolutionary ...


Ukraine is Intensifying the Transnistria Conflict

... (in Russian) [2] Ukraine's Poroshenko talks of 'real war' with Russia. BBC News. 20.05.2015. URL: [3] Foreign Ministry: Moscow Concerned about Denial of Entry to Moldova for Russian Peacekeepers. URL: (in Russian). [4] Aggravated Peacekeeping: Moldova Exploits Ukraine Crisis. URL: (in Russian) [5] Secrieru, Stanislav. The Transnistrian ...


Moldova Local Elections Reveal Opportunities for Russia’s Engagement

... exploit in Moscow’s bilateral relations with Chisinau. Firstly, pro-Russian parties enjoy wide support in Moldova. Indeed, the Socialist Party with its slogan “Together with Russia” came first in the 2014 general elections. Secondly, Russia is Moldova’s second most important trading partner after the EU, absorbing 28 percent of the country’s export and supplying around 8 percent of Moldova’s consumer goods. Additionally, Russia accounts for almost 70 percent of remittances ...


Russia and the EU – Looking for Ways of Cooperation in the Common Neighbourhood: the case of the Republic of Moldova and Transdniestria

... consultations on standardising trade and economic regimes), let alone including a “fifth element” (Transdniestria). Given the current geopolitical and regional situation and as a result of Moscow’s reluctance to raise the stakes in Moldova, Russia – EU cooperation over the Republic of Moldova/Transdniestria cannot be sustained in practical terms. Given the acute conflict of interests across the board, the main common interest lies in minimising mutual damage, reducing instability ...


Transnistria in the Shadow of the Ukraine Crisis

... middle on foreign policy. That the pro-European coalition was able to retain power was the result of direct violations of democratic norms (the pro-Russian Patria party was banned from running on the eve of the elections and limitations were placed on Moldovan citizens working in Russia from registering their votes). On the whole, the political fate of Transnistria depends largely on Russia. The Ukrainian situation has proven that the new-fangled Western sport of “teasing the Russian bear” comes at a price. The hardest ...


RIAC and CMI Discuss Transnistria Settlement

... headed by Marti Ahtisaari held the roundtable “ Russia and the EU: in Search for Ways for Cooperation within Common Neighborhood on the Example of Moldova and Transnistria .” The attendees discussed the political and economic aspects of the Russia-EU-Moldova-Transnistria dialogue with the focus on Transnistria settlement and the impact of the November 30 parliamentary elections in Moldova on its relations with Moscow, Brussels and Tiraspol. Opened by RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeev and CMI Program ...


The Future of Eastern Partnership

... government; thus Moscow does not feel bound by any agreements signed earlier with Ukraine. Russia’s behaviour clearly threatens all the neighbouring countries, especially those with large Russian-speaking minorities or those that have their own and Russian-backed separatist conflicts. There are growing concerns in Moldova and Georgia as well as in Azerbaijan, Finland and the Baltic countries. In the medium term the growing Russian threat is likely to prompt the non-NATO countries in the greater Black Sea region to seek more powerful protectors and beef up their ...


CMI Expresses Gratitude to RIAC for Cooperation

... experts, RIAC Director General Andrey Kortunov received a letter of gratitude from Roxana Cristescu , head of CMI’s Program in Eastern Europe & Caucasus. The CMI is grateful for the event that has provided its team with ample forecasts about Russian policies toward Moldova and Transnistria, as well as Russia-EU interaction on aspects relevant to relations with them. The meeting has been of great significance for CMI and its future activities.


Transnistria: Time to Make a Choice

... deficit for 2012 was 68.6 percent, and the one of the Pension Fund – 45 percent, although pensioners make about 30 percent of the population. It’s easy to see that the economic viability of the PMR depends on the size of direct and indirect Russian aid. When Moldova finally finds itself in the orbit of Brussels, Russia, like it or not, will be faced with the need to make a choice, as the traditional function of Transnistria to prevent Moldova from drifting towards Romania and/or the EU will lose its importance....


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