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India-US Entente: A Russian Perspective

Like Russia, India is likely to resist the evolution of the international system towards a rigid U.S.-China bipolarity since such an evolution would inevitably deprive New Delhi of the freedom of manoeuvring that it enjoys now Recently there have been many ...


Upsurge in Upheaval

When al-Sisi became the country’s new president in 2014, Russia and Egypt entered a new stage in their bilateral relations The anniversary of the inauguration of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi on June 30, 2013 was celebrated in the wake of an alarming situation. For several days, Morsi’s opponents shook ...


Russia-West: Rising Stakes

Russia’s preservation of its statehood and sovereignty again becomes the main stake of the conflict. The statehood of Ukraine is another stake In Russia, the point of view that the goal of the United States and the “collective West” headed by ...


A Preemptive Nuclear Strike? No!

... external audiences. Still others considered it a subtle signal to the West, devised in advance in the political kitchen and voiced by an eminent scholar. The official position clearly differs from the solutions proposed in the article. Last November, the Russian Foreign Ministry explicitly stressed the inadmissibility of the use of nuclear weapons, limiting this possibility to the conditions specified in Russia’s nuclear doctrine. Besides, speculations in the Western media about “Russian nuclear blackmail” ...


Reviving John F. Kennedy’s “Vision of Peace”

... confrontation with the Soviet Union over nuclear missiles they placed in Cuba, President John F. Kennedy (JFK) delivered a speech which must be heard by everyone concerned about the existential threat emanating from NATO’s aggressive stance against Russia in Ukraine. The decision in October 1962 by JFK to blockade Cuba brought the two nations face-to-face in a possible nuclear confrontation. Both leaders were under heavy pressure from “hard-liners” in their defense and intelligence establishments ...


“Securitization of the Arctic” post Finland’s Accession to NATO

... Militarism and Confrontation Where Creativity, Security and Peace Were Eminently Possible Since the Second World War, Finland maintained a status of non-aligned state in the region. Till recently it has remained a significant buffer between NATO and Russia. This status has drastically changed post Russia’s military action in Ukraine. Western media and its strong Russophobic discourses have become successful in making the people of Finland and its political elite actually believe that they are under ...


The Nordic Сountries: More Militarism and Confrontation Where Creativity, Security and Peace Were Eminently Possible

... the U.S./NATO provocative expansion since 1990 that broke all the well-documented promises made at the time by the West’s leaders to Mikhail Gorbachev about not expanding NATO one inch eastwards if he accepted a re-unified Germany in NATO. The NATO-Russia deadlock that has led to the conflict in Ukraine served only a pretext to what has been going on the last roughly three decades, ending so far—to mention a few instances—in Denmark’s role as faraway bomber nation since 1999 and negotiations ...


What Is So Special about Beijing-Moscow Security Cooperation?

... Shangfu suggests that Beijing and Moscow are consistently moving to a new model of cooperation that might look quite appealing to a broad range of international actors in the Global South Earlier this week, Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu visited Russia on his first trip overseas in this role and predictably got a very warm reception in Moscow. Li had a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This trip attracted a lot of international attention, especially since it took place less than ...


Can Russia Really Break Away from the West?

Russia’s Path to the ‘World Majority’ Long before relations between Russia and the West spiralled into a comprehensive political crisis, officials and experts here were enthusiastically voicing ideas about developing ties with the rest of the ...


This Distant Damascus

... governorates of Raqqa, Al-Hasakah, and the northern parts of Deir ez-Zor are controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), consisting mainly of Kurdish militias. Part of Idlib is occupied by the radical Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham movement (outlawed in the Russian Federation). A number of areas in Aleppo, Raqqa, Al-Hasakah and Idlib are under the de facto protectorate of Ankara, which was established as a result of Turkish military operations: “Euphrates Shield”, “Olive Branch” and “Source of ...


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