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If the World Is One Family, Why Do We Seek to Destroy It?

... proposals to Britain and France in 1939, that makes a deal that would take on Axis powers most struggling, but I think history would agree that Churchill wasn’t interested in doing it, because Churchill thought that Hitler would ultimately go for Russia because as per him, Hitler’s principal target was Russia. The French also condescended to that view. If at that time Britain and France had cooperated on the Soviet proposals to be together, the world would have been saved from catastrophic disaster ...


Russia-Ukraine, India-Pakistan: Two Existential Conflicts in Eurasia

Both New Delhi and Moscow have to sort out problems with their archrivals in order to approach conflicts in their neighbourhoods with more confidence and to enhance the efficacy of multilateral security arrangements India and Russia are two great powers located in the South and the North of the vast Eurasian continent, and it is for a good reason that they both claim a proactive role in establishing an international order on the continent as well as globally. The two countries ...


Russia undertaking 'huge experiment' with mobilization

Russia has not done anything like mobilization in this century, and that using a nuclear weapon in Ukraine makes little sense for Vladimir Putin Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council Andrey Kortunov says Russia has not done ...


Dis-United Nations and Conceptual Mazes of the New World Order

... of conflicts in different parts of the world that were deemed frozen—rather, they are still simmering to defy any settlement despite all the peacemaking splutter in the global UN venue. The UN has essentially failed to politically sponsor the U.S.-Russian dialogue on strategic stability and the negotiations on arms control, especially concerning its nuclear component as the “core axis” across the entire system of international security. What of the UN’s real contribution to facilitating negotiations amid the current international crisis! This area has remained entirely at the discretion of the United States and Russia as an aspect of bilateral relations between ...


A New Western Cohesion and World Order

Working paper № 69 / 2022 Working paper № 69 / 2022 The working paper explores the factors that predetermined the Western switch from divergence to convergence in the 2020s along with the key features of the commenced consolidation within the ranks of the Collective West. Is current Western unity incidental or strategic? Is it transient or long-standing? How much do the interests of the major power centers of the Collective West diverge? How likely is this unity to extend to subsequent engagement...


China’s 100-year Plan in Ukraine

While Xi Jinping may respect the legitimacy of Russia’s actions to protect its national interests and security in the face of external forces, he has a greater interest in having a bird’s eye view of China’s greatest costs of war During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the United States ...


Military Aspects of Russia’s Stance in the Arctic

... transport blockade. Furthermore, the national political system must be capable of ensuring a normal flow of social activities as well as of protecting the vital interests from a wide range of challenges and threats. The Arctic accounts for a third of Russia’s entire territory and, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, new Arctic and northern territories will be attached to Russia in the decades to come. Expansion in the Arctic Natalia Viakhireva: On Pause: Dialogue with Russia in the ...


Special Warheads and the Special Military Operation

... operation almost instantaneously , or perhaps even before given the narrative about Ukraine’s possible prospects of getting nuclear weapons . Since February 24, the nuclear topic has appeared in several dimensions in remarks made by different actors: Russia’s statements concerning the consequences third parties will face should they become militarily involved in the armed conflict (“the consequences will be such as you have never seen in your entire history”, which is unequivocally interpreted ...


25 Principles of International Order: A Roadmap to Peace

... self-determination, fair trade, international solidarity, peace and security. Nearly 77 years after the entry into force of the UN Charter on 24 October 1945, humanity is yet to achieve the noble goals of the United Nations. Andrey Kortunov: Time for a Consolidated Russian-Chinese Approach to Modernize and Reform UN For norms to be effective, whether in the context of domestic or international law, it is axiomatic that there must be consensus about the meaning of legal terms, and that neither the facts nor the law ...


RIAC and The Harvard Negotiation Project Discuss Dynamics of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

On May 4, 2022, RIAC and The Harvard Negotiation Project held another expert discussion on the current state and dynamics of Russia-Ukraine conflict, the potential role of third countries in reaching a political settlement, and possible parameters of peace agreements On May 4, 2022, RIAC and The Harvard Negotiation Project held another expert discussion on the current state ...


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