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Prisoners of Preconception: The Problems of Bias in American Intelligence

Anyone who has worked through post-mortems on the Iraq war is familiar with the pitfalls associated with ‘groupthink’ and preconceptions. Indeed, it is perhaps one of the few modern examples of consensus across American partisanship. Some have argued such assumptions emerged from an administration not interested in counter-arguments and alternative information. Others pointed to embedded preconceptions within the Intelligence Community itself, making it impossible to jump off the analytical...


Bears and Byzantium: How America Misreads Russian Strategic Thinking

... conceptualizations of culture within the discipline engender entirely different approaches and therefore radically different conclusions about how we view and evaluate said communities. Below is a ‘case glance’ of the phenomenon utilizing the Russian Federation. Perhaps most interesting and fairly unexpected is how in terms of security affairs American understanding about Russia seems to be hurt more analytically by grand strategic culture and is often never analyzed from a perspective that ...


Why Russia Wants a Change to the Contemporary World Order

Applying the “predator-prey” model to the system of international relations The crisis in relations between Russia and the West, the advance of ISIS, and the arms race in the Asia-Pacific region all point to a potential shake-up of the world order. Shake-ups of this kind tend to be of a catastrophic nature – a gradual change in some critical area is suddenly ...


American Failures with Grand Strategic Culture

... Ukraine today is still massively misconstrued and misinformed in the West. Once again, it is the over-reliance on grand strategic culture that pushes the problem. This approach leaves an analyst with no choice but to begin from a foundation that assumes Russian aggression, Russian aspiration for re-establishing empire (whatever that actually means is never defined of course), and Russian desire to interfere in the affairs of its neighbors. All of these approaches are overblown and sometimes purposely ...


Valdai Discussion Club: Opening and First Impressions

... global agenda. Among those taking part will be RIAC President Igor Ivanov , Director General Andrei Kortunov and Programme Director Ivan Timofeev . As of 2014, the Foundation for Development and Support of the Valdai Discussion Club consists of the Russian International Affairs Council, the Moscow State Institute of International Relations , the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy and the Higher School of Economics . Over the course of three days, leading international affairs experts will discuss issues of global regulation, relations between Russia and the ...


Russia Will Be Forced to Fight for Global Resources

... club’s co-founders – has published a report by RIAC Programme Director Ivan Timofeev entitled “ World Order or World Anarchy: A Look at the Modern System of International Relations .” The situation in Ukraine and the crisis in international relations have again raised questions about what kind of world we live in. Is there such a thing as world order? What are its foundations? How should Russia proceed in an increasingly competitive global environment? This global environment, according to the report, is extremely uncertain. And it is this uncertainty that causes the key global players to be in constant fear of hostile actions on the ...


World Order Or World Anarchy? A Look at the Modern System of International Relations

... analysis of international relations are revised and its guiding characteristics are determined. The structure of the modern world order and its particular dynamics are revealed with the help of mathematical modelling methods. Possible directions for Russia’s policy in the changing world environment are considered. World Order Or World Anarchy? A Look at the Modern System of International Relations , 1 Mb


NATO: A Mighty Wind, Signifying Nothing

The surrealism of the Ukrainian conflict continued last week, with the 28 members of the NATO alliance meeting in a cozy golf resort in Wales, United Kingdom, to discuss all of the supposedly egregious and disconcerting Russian maneuvers against Ukraine and demanding that Russia stop inviting further sanctions and pressure against itself, as British Prime Minister David Cameron emphasized at the summit. All of this is well and good, of course, part of the pomp and circumstance ...


Obama v. Putin: A Tale of a Posturing President

... hidden inside his cavalier attitude: apparently even Presidents are not above being petulant. There can be little debate about President Obama’s intent to insult and offend, declaring that ‘it was important to keep things in perspective. Russia doesn’t make anything…Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity. The life expectancy of the Russian male is around 60 years old. The population is shrinking.’ Judging by these rather truculent comments,...


The Lost Generation: Why America Misreads Russia so Badly Today

... awful lot like 1964. If you find yourself sitting at home wondering how 50 years could go by with so much historical change and global shifting and yet still end up basically back at the starting point of a quasi-Cold War between the United States and Russia, then please allow me to offer one slightly unique explanation as to how this has all come to pass: it’s my fault. Well, alright, it’s not exactly my personal fault, for I am a member of what we call in the United States as Generation ...


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