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Good News From the Parallel Energy Sector

... entire new industry. While this debate is gaining momentum, let us in the meantime take a look at another unexpected angle. Due to the coronavirus, very good news went unnoticed last month. Scientists from the Moscow Radiotechnical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences patented a system for transferring energy from a space-based solar power station to the Earth, primarily to remote areas, where it is impossible to lay ground power lines. David Faiman from the Israeli Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, considers generating electric power from the sun ...


A New Oil Campaign in Iraq

Russian Oil Companies Return to post-Saddam Iraq Russian energy companies in Iraq have maintained their presence in the country regardless of the political forces in power, working within the current domestic political situation. Prior to the Syrian campaign of 2015, which was assumed to mark Russia’s active ...


India-Russia Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership in the 21 Century

... also talks between the two sides to invest in the space of fisheries and cold chain logistics. “Russian investors keen on Ladakh solar power project: Invest India”, Economic Times , September 6, 2019. Accessed on September 29, 2019. 15 . “Russia in M&A Report 2018”, KPMG , 2018, pg. 8,


Security Outlook for a Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline and U.S.-Russia Relations

... develop poverty-stricken regions where there is a need for initial energy infrastructure. There is an opportunity for collaboration in this area, with humanitarian and international NGO's developing a real working relationship and expanding both U.S. and Russian energy technological capabilities in new markets (Africa, Asia). Robert R. Hayward II is the COO of Chem-Energy Corporation. The company is based out of Orange County, California, with its site on moving to Texas in the upcoming year. Robert is a former ...


The Future of the Middle East: Horizons of Challenges and Opportunities

... development of the region, the authors mention Russia only twice — as one of the major food exporters to the region and as an important partner in the development of nuclear energy in the MENA. On other issues - from digital economy, climate change and energy revolution, to urbanization and international migration - Russia is not indicated at all. Probably, Russian specialists in oriental studies will not agree with such an underestimated assessment of Russia’s potential. They can refer to successful experience of large-scale oil and gas projects in the region ...


Russia’s Interests in the Arab Mashreq: Analyzing the Future of Oil and Gas in Iraq and Syria

... post-war period under sanctions against Iran. Special attention is paid to the Kurdish factor and the role the Kurds play in the future of energy in the region, the possibility of subregional integration in the Arab Mashreq and the increasing influence of Russian energy companies in regards to gas projects located in the Eastern Mediterranean. Russia’s Interests in the Arab Mashreq: Analyzing the Future of Oil and Gas in Iraq and Syria , 2.8 Mb


"Sanctions and World Energy" Round Table

On June 5, 2019, a round table on “Sanctions and World Energy” was held at Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC). Ivan Timofeev, RIAC Director of Programs, and Adam Stulberg, Director of the Center for International Strategy, Technology, and Policy (CISTP) in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Tech ...


Back to “Normalcy”

... November 2018, the U.S. Department of State expressed concern over Europe purchasing Russia’s LNG, believing that it increases Europe’s dependence on Russia and in the final analysis allegedly undercuts Europe’s energy security. Solving its own energy problems in the remote regions of the AZRF, Russia intends to site a floating nuclear power plant (FNPP) in Pevek (Chukotka). Currently, nuclear fuel is being loaded on the FNPP in Murmansk, and in 2019, it will be transported to Pevek. The FNPP is intended to replace the Bilibino Nuclear Power ...


RIAC Partners Discuss Energy Sector of Georgia and Abkhazia

... regional energy security in the Greater Caucasus was held at Savoy Hotel in Moscow. Timur Makhmutov, RIAC Deputy Director of Programs, made welcoming remarks. The event was organized by RIAC partners: the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, HSE, International Center on Conflict and Negotiation (ICCN), and National Energy Security Fund. The following issues were considered during the expert meeting: the development of the electric power industry in Georgia and Abkhazia, the prospects for oil and gas projects in the Greater Caucasus and in the Caspian Sea area. The ...


The Fight for Nord Stream 2: The Interests of all the Players Involved

... pipeline cannot negatively impact competition on the European gas market, nor can it affect Poland in an adverse manner. This proves that the UOKiK’s rejection of Gazprom’s application to set up a joint venture was unfounded. RIAC and DGAP Report “Russia–EU Energy Relations” The construction of Nord Stream 2 would actually benefit Poland. The more Russian gas going to Germany, the greater the surplus of the raw material that can subsequently be traded on the spot market. Poland will be able to purchase ...


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