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Can the “Green” Dialogue Become a Driver for Restoring the Dialogue Between Russia and the EU?

... of communication that stands in the way of deepening the rift in ideas and values. Another important process that is rapidly developing amid the devolution of EU–Russia relations is the deliberate deconstruction of economic interdependence . The European Union’s strategy to reduce energy dependence on Russian hydrocarbons, the global trend towards increased protectionism, and the course of economic autarky that Russia settled on in 2014 are augmented today with a new challenge to economic interdependence, which is the EU’s transition to green energy....


Russia-EU’s “Green” Dialogue: Starting with Italy

Italy regards the “green transition” as an opportunity to embark on another stage of international expansion for its technological leaders and, unlike many other EU states, is not inclined to politicize economic cooperation Russia has put forward various assessments of the European Green Deal approved by the European Union in 2019, marking the intensive stage of energy transition. Some experts prefer to stress that developing green energy in the EU is another step in putting an end to energy dependence on Russia and the unstable states of the Middle East as well as a way to build up the EU’s competitive edge ...


Experts and Business Representatives Discuss Prospects for Ecological Cooperation between Russia and the EU

On April 16, 2021, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) together with CREON Group held a seminar ... ... discussion focused on the challenges and prospects of relations between Russia and the European Union in the field of ecology and how the European Border Carbon Mechanism... ... Climate Risk Management Department of En+ Group; and Ernesto Ferlenghi, Chairman of the Energy Committee, Chair of the Green Initiative Steering Committee of the Association...


The European Green Deal: Risks and Opportunities for the EU and Russia

Divergent opinions are no crucial obstacle to environmental cooperation between the parties. Russia can benefit from the European Green Deal The European Green Deal approved by the EU in 2019 is an economic development ... ... Deal will also concern the economies and foreign commerce of its trading partners through the anticipated re-structuring of energy markets and reduced carbon-intensive imports. In the next decade, the European Green Deal will mostly affect coal imports,...


RIAC — CREON Group Seminar “Prospects for Cooperation between Russia and the EU in the Ecology Sphere”

... this opens up prospects in the EU energy market and access to technologies for waste processing and production of renewable energy sources. For the European Union and companies from the EU countries, this is an opportunity to import products that meet its environmental standards.... ... government institutions and business representatives on both sides. What are the prospects for bilateral cooperation between Russia and the EU in sustainable development? What will the CBAM look like and when will it work? How will the EU Green Deal affect ...


Russia-Europe: Nothing New on the Western Economic Front?

... submitting the results of the discussion to the relevant UN agencies, including UNIDO and UNCTAD. Let us note as an aside that the European Union is continuing to collaborate with Russia on a series of initiatives as part of long-term partnerships in climate and the environment : these are cross-border cooperation,... ... implementing the Paris Accords. Specific projects, including those in waste disposal and processing, wastewater treatment, increasing energy efficiency, entail equipment deliveries from the EU, which creates the prerequisites for cooperation in these areas. Bilateral ...


A Russia-EU-Africa Energy Strategy. Nuclear and Renewable Energy Security

... booming population, developing economies, a crucial need for energy security and international commitment to sustainability and green economies, this continent has all the characteristics of an attractive market for nuclear and renewable resources. The European Union and the Russian Federation are giants in the sphere of energy: not only do they develop and manufacture energy technologies and power plants, but also have a genuine interest in exporting them globally. This includes the African continent. However, Africa comes with challenges, namely a cruel lack of infrastructure ...


Russia might well consider its participation in EU defence policy projects within the framework of PESCO

Interview by Permanent Representative of Russia to the EU Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov for "Die Welt" Ambassador,... ... Russia makes a lot of money out of it. The main thing is that we strengthen Europe’s energy security. Another example: despite EU’s unilateral measures against Russia... ... life for the Alliance. Source: Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union


The Future of the Middle East: Horizons of Challenges and Opportunities

..., Russia and the MENA hydrocarbon exporters face the common challenge of the global energy revolution. Joint preparation for this inevitability in the future may turn out... ... the problems of asymmetry in relations between the countries of the MENA and China. Russia could turn out to be quite a good actor, offering its partners in the region... ... leading countries of the region and the EAEU can be accelerated. Like the members of the European Union, Russia would greatly benefit from expanding the range of its partners...


The Fight for Nord Stream 2: The Interests of all the Players Involved

... opponents were expecting European companies to abandon the project in light of these circumstances. However, the Council of the European Union Legal Service pointed out that expanding the provisions of the Third Energy Package to include Nord Stream 2 was impossible, as it would go against international law. If you can prove that Nord Stream ... ... impossible. The first reason is that the gas pipeline would lead to Gazprom having a majority stake in the European market – Russia would inflate prices and/or demand that the countries in Europe bend to its political will under the threat of cutting ...


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