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A Non-Alarmist Forecast for 2022

Twelve objectives for Russia’s foreign policy in the coming year Recently, pre-New Year forecasts about international affairs and foreign policy have emerged as a popular trend not only across Western nations but also in Russia. In most cases, they include various horror stories about possible challenges and threats looming large for the world and certain countries in the coming year. Forecasts exploring the potential opportunities that the new year may open up—whether for the international community...


Russia in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Art of Balancing

Russian policy is essentially an attempt to balance a number of diverging principles, goals, priorities and modes of engagement in the Eastern Mediterranean Strictly speaking, Russia is not an Eastern Mediterranean country. It does not have direct access to the Mediterranean Sea; its most important strategic and economic interests belong to other parts of the world, such as the North Atlantic or East Asia. However, for a long time Russia has been trying to make its presence in the region visible;...


Forget Kalashnikov? Russian Foreign Policy After Realism

No matter how the modern world order “crumbles”, the dimensions of the modern world cannot be reduced to mere security issues The Russian community of international relations professionals and pundits is strongly influenced by political realism. Being a realist is a good rule of thumb when it comes to mainstream approaches to international affairs. “Enemy” liberalism, “freaky” constructivism, “obsolete” Marxism—these are all marginal alternatives. It is more difficult to make a career with them...


Russian Foreign Policy Discussed at Lithuanian Embassy in Russia

On June 22, 2021, the Lithuanian Embassy in Russia held an online discussion on Russia’s foreign policy: a year after amendments to the Constitution On June 22, 2021, the Lithuanian Embassy in Russia held an online discussion on Russia’s foreign policy: a year after amendments to the Constitution. The speakers included: Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General; Arkady Moshes, Program Director for the EU Eastern Neighborhood and Russia research program, Finnish Institute of International Affairs;...


Remarks at a Conference on Relations between Russia and the European Union

We are neighbours. Russia is part of Greater Europe. The European Union is a major player in the European space, but it is not the whole of Europe, no matter how some of the EU leaders juggle this word Mr Minister, dear Augusto, Mr Ivanov, Colleagues, friends, Thank you for inviting me to this conference on the situation between Russia and the European Union. I would like to express gratitude to the Russian International Affairs Council, which has done a great deal to organise this event together...


To Stay or Not to Stay? Seven Concerns Russia Has about the OSCE

The OSCE does not have a magic wand to fix numerous problems between Russia and the West, but it can offer a platform to discuss these problems in a rational and mutually respectful way Today we live through a new cycle of intense confrontation between Russia and the West. This confrontation is exemplified by Russia increasingly voicing its disappointment in and frustration with many multilateral international institutions—from the United Nations to the Council of Europe and to the Organization...


Time for Diplomacy

We need to prepare ourselves for long and difficult negotiations When I was hired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union as an interpreter in the mid-1970s, the hardest thing about the job was translating for politicians who somehow “spoke” the language of their partners. They would often want to show off their skills, often interrupting the interpreter to say, “I got it. Go on.” This meant that important nuances, points of emphasis and details were lost in the process, which made...


Only Now Do We See the Real Disintegration of the USSR

The UC Interview Series: Andrey Kortunov In the interview for the The University Consortium Andrey Kortunov , Director of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), shares his analysis of Russia´s relations with its neighbours, EU and China. Interviewer: Marc Friedli is currently a Project Assistant at the European Leadership Network, where he is mainly working on the upcoming 2021 NPT Review Conference. He is a Dual M.A. candidate in European Affairs at Sciences Po Paris and the London...


Russia-Canada Relations in a Period of Crisis, 2014-2020

Despite the sanctions and accusatory rhetoric from politicians on both sides, ‘niche cooperation’ between the two countries is still possible in areas of common interest Introduction Political relations between Russia and Canada from 2014 to 2020 show that bilateral relations have been affected by the crisis in Russia-West relations and limited by a war of sanctions and accusatory rhetoric from both sides. In Canada, mainstream political discourse does not support dialogue with Russia, while in...


Andrey Kortunov Briefs European Leadership Network Staff

Adam Thomson, Director of the European Leadership Network, attended the event On April 9, 2021, Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, gave a briefing for the staff of the European Leadership Network (ELN) on topical issues of relations between Russia and the West. During the briefing, particular attention was given to the current situation in eastern Ukraine, Russia’s position on Iran's role in the Middle East, prospects for Russia-the U.S. dialogue on strategic weapons, and the specifics of...


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