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Moscow has long urged for organizing a top-level meeting between Palestinians and Israelis in Russia

... acting as a mediator in talks on the Palestinian problem dates back to the Soviet era. It’s been a non-starter due to the West’s dogged determination to keep the Soviets out of the strategic Middle East region. But although Cold War has ended, any Russian attempt to highlight the Palestine problem as the core issue in the Middle East will run into strong headwinds from Tel Aviv and Washington. So, why is Naumkin, a top establishment pundit (who heads the Russian Academy of Science’s hallowed Institute of Oriental Studies), wading ...


Trump and Putin Arrive in the Middle East

There has been no better time in recent history where Russia-U.S. bilateral relations are positioned best to leverage their coordinated influence on the divided sectarian and tribalistic theatre in the Middle East to broker a negotiated resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has been holding ...


Western Democracy Is on Trial, More than Any Time Since WWII

... show kindness and compassion to refugees, may be ousted sooner by politics rather than later for her troubles, and other governments balk at attempts to coordinate regional refugee and economic policies. In France, a rising far-right party funded by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government may possibly come to control France in the coming years. Poland seems to be in the process of destroying its democracy. A series of complacent governments in places like Greece, Italy, and Spain set ...


Iran’s Regional Policy: A Fresh Start?

... [35] . Now that Iran's economy is unsound, Europe could make Tehran a lucrative offer in order to alleviate its dependence on Russia, which in its turn should do its best and outbid the Europeans by setting out better conditions for the transportation ... ... 15 . 16 . Interview of Khaled Mashal to Shamil Sultanov.


Moscow treads lightly in Gaza

... solution to the Palestinian issue. While the population of the Arab and Islamic world has expressed outrage at Israel’s actions in Gaza, commentators in the media point out that most Arab governments are taking a more cautious stance. The official Russian response to the steep escalation of the situation in Palestine stands between neutral and a somewhat half-hearted wait-and-see. In a July 18 interview with Russia 24, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared that President Vladimir Putin, in a recent conversation with US President Barack Obama and Israeli ...


Palestine-Israel Talks: Temporary Deadlock or Total Failure?

... 2013–2014. Tel-Aviv: The Institute for National Security, 2014. 7 . President Obama's 2009 idea about resumption of the Israel-Palestine process on the basis of borders before 1967 has driven Israel into deep frustration. The American-Israeli differences ... ... Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs. 2009. Vol. 3. № 2. P. 7. 8 . The issue was many times discussed during the Hamas visits to Russia, i.e. in early March 2006, in late February 2007, and in January 2010. Russian Foreign Ministry underlined that a radical ...


Predicting critical events, an institutional challenge.

... of late. Debka, a website with close ties to the Israeli defense and intelligence communities, posits that both Bandar and Kochavi made "miscalculations". Bandar had sealed his fate last year during his secret visit outside Moscow with Russian president Vladimir Putin. He bragged that Riyadh controlled Chechen extremists in Russia, and that he would unleash them on the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics unless Putin ended his support for the Assad regime in Syria. Haaretz and Al Monitor reported ...


Palestine Today and Tomorrow: Russia's Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

... now it seems unlikely because the Israeli government keeps building new and expanding the existing settlements. There is no doubt that it is necessary to foster the unification of the West Bank with Gaza and revitalizing the Fatah-Hamas peace talks. Russia could assist in this process as we need a united Palestine. In fact, the Palestinian lack of unity undermines its legitimacy in negotiations and feasibility of building a state in absence of the Gaza Strip. Do you think Palestine has been affected by the Arab Spring? What was its impact on Palestine’s ...


RIAC and Fatah Leaders Discuss Middle East Settlement

On January 21, 2014 in view of the coming visit of the PNA President Mahmoud Abbas to Moscow, RIAC members and experts met a Palestinian delegation headed by Dr. Nabil Shaath, Fatah Commissioner for International Relations. The recent trip of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to the Middle East has brought no tangible shifts in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict settlement. Although signing of a long-term peace agreement between the two sides is still scheduled for this spring, scholars doubt it...


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