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Moscow has long urged for organizing a top-level meeting between Palestinians and Israelis in Russia

... resolving the Palestinian problem. He said, “Moscow has long urged for [organizing] a top-level meeting between Palestinians and Israelis in Russia, on a Moscow platform. It is necessary to turn Moscow into a venue for such talks.” Naumkin explains that Moscow has ... ... veto-holding member of the UN Security Council with an obligation to pursue the implementation of relevant UN resolutions on Palestine and is also a member of the Middle East Quartet. Alas, US obduracy has stalled the Quartet, while Washington is stonewalling ...


Trump and Putin Arrive in the Middle East

There has been no better time in recent history where Russia-U.S. bilateral relations are positioned best to leverage their coordinated influence on the divided sectarian and tribalistic theatre in the Middle East to broker a negotiated resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has been holding the center of the world in limbo for the last 70 years. President Trump has assembled an unprecedented team from outside the political realm to take on this longstanding dilemma. While Secretary of State ...


Western Democracy Is on Trial, More than Any Time Since WWII

... governments balk at attempts to coordinate regional refugee and economic policies. In France, a rising far-right party funded by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government may possibly come to control France in the coming years. Poland seems to be ... ... disintegration by secession from it by Scotland, a possibility which, it was just announced, will be pursued again. AP Even in Israel, considered a bastion of Western democracy in the Middle East, the public and government are becoming increasingly okay ...


Iran’s Regional Policy: A Fresh Start?

Russia-Iran: A Dim Future The time seems to have come to note that, after several ... ... was a key opponent to Iran’s invitation to the Montreux forum [11] . Iran and Palestine: Together Again Another indicator Iran’s renewed vigor on the international... ... Iran return to their pre-war level [13] . The two sides were also motivated by the Israeli Army’s unprecedentedly lengthy and bloody operation in the Gaza Strip...


Moscow treads lightly in Gaza

... in a renewed outburst of violence, has caught the international community by surprise and underlined, once again, the urgency of finding a solution to the Palestinian issue. While the population of the Arab and Islamic world has expressed outrage at Israel’s actions in Gaza, commentators in the media point out that most Arab governments are taking a more cautious stance. The official Russian response to the steep escalation of the situation in Palestine stands between neutral and a somewhat half-hearted wait-and-see. In a July 18 interview with Russia 24, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared that President Vladimir Putin, in a recent conversation with US President Barack Obama and Israeli ...


Palestine-Israel Talks: Temporary Deadlock or Total Failure?

... It was Moscow that has taken up engagement of the Hamas in the peace talks [8] . Russia is hardly happy about the U.S. attempts to move the peace process from the international... ... of the Palestinian State now hinges not only on the remaining contradictions in the Israeli-Palestinian dialogue, but also on the regional and global situation. Differences... ... the global community, while stronger extremist trends in the Muslim world may bring Palestine unpredictable consequences. Involvement in the Palestinian-Israeli settlement...


Predicting critical events, an institutional challenge.

“Close your eyes and you’re not sure if it’s an Israeli or a Saudi speaking.” That’s what Daniel Levy, Middle East director at the European Council on Foreign Relations ... ... Kochavi made "miscalculations". Bandar had sealed his fate last year during his secret visit outside Moscow with Russian president Vladimir Putin. He bragged that Riyadh controlled Chechen extremists in Russia, and that he would unleash them ...


Palestine Today and Tomorrow: Russia's Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

... Iraq and Syria, are in a similar plight that prevents them from exercising significant influence on the conflict settlement. What is your vision of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict evolution? Can Russia play a new role in its peaceful resolution? Russia can and must play such a role. However, the future implies certain impediments. According to Secretary Kerry's plan, a six-month deadline for Palestine and Israel to develop a final solution is in the offing. In my opinion, such an agreement is unlikely to happen although the Americans insist on the opposite. I don't believe such sensitive issues as refugees, territories, settlements and Jerusalem could ...


RIAC and Fatah Leaders Discuss Middle East Settlement

... members and experts met a Palestinian delegation headed by Dr. Nabil Shaath, Fatah Commissioner for International Relations. The recent trip of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to the Middle East has brought no tangible shifts in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict settlement. Although signing of a long-term peace agreement between the two sides is still scheduled for this spring, scholars doubt it is possible and keep searching for ways to resolve the 50-year-long conflict. On January 11, 2014 ...


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