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Russian–Chinese Dialogue: The 2019 Model

... Eastern Studies and the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University The 5th annual report by RIAC, RAS Institute of Far Eastern Studies and the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University presents the сommon views of leading Russian and Chinese international affairs experts on the development of Russia–China cooperation in 2018 and the first quarter of 2019. The authors analyze the dynamics of Russia–China interaction on the most pressing matters of international and ...


The Belt and Road Initiative: Towards a New World Order

Russia needs to clearly define its long-term priorities and interests within the BRI President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping and President of the United States Donald Trump met on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Osaka on June 29 ...


Russia and Italy: No Breakthroughs

The recent visit to Italy by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has brought no breakthroughs, neither in bilateral relations nor in striking common positions on regional and global agendas The official visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Italy on July 4, 2019, the first ...


What the SCO Summit in Bishkek Confirmed

... geostrategic parameters. The continued development of constructive bilateral contacts between SCO member states and within the organization itself provided a significant positive political background for the summit. As before, the example was set by Russia and China, whose strategic interaction and trade and economic cooperation was further solidified in the period between the previous summit and the one in Bishkek. Recent examples of this include the participation of President of the Russian Federation ...


Chinese Octopus: How China Is Taking Over the Post-Soviet Space

... than a decade of negotiations), the Chinese decision to launch such an agreement with Tbilisi is therefore probably not a coincidence. Located at the crossroads between Asia, Europe, and the Middle-East, Georgia is China’s gateway to the European and Russian markets, while its Belt and Road Initiative (formerly known as OBOR) aims to connect the continents to increase trade. In this context, and although not constituting official axes of the new silk roads, several projects have been launched, such as the Baku — Tbilisi — Kars railway line, inaugurated on October ...


Obstacles and Opportunities for Economic Engagement between Australia and the Russian Federation

... Australia-Russia economic relations is divided into two sections. The first focuses on geo-economics, which looks at both countries current trade and foreign investment priorities, including the implications of China’s monumental One Belt One Road project (OBOR), in which Russia has often been characterised as an integral player. Its primary focus is on the issue that in addition to its cultivation of closer links with a rising China, Russia’s ‘pivot to the East’ has included the pursuit and gradual consolidation ...


Back to “Normalcy”

... effect that the Ukrainian and Syrian crises would produce a negative effect on other regions, including the Arctic, where various powers would step up their struggle for control over natural resources, and that the military confrontation between NATO and Russia would expand, did not come true either. The forecasts of China’s expansion in the Arctic under the slogan of developing the “Polar Silk Road” initiative, part of the larger “One Belt One Road,” also came to naught. Beijing was quite constructive ...


Selective Engagement between the EU and Russia

This report is based on the results of discussions held by the EU–Russia Expert Network in 2017 and 2018. Four years after the fallout over Ukraine, rivalry and sanctions have become the ‘new normal’ between Russia and the EU. Both sides have become used to a state of affairs where relations are mired in inertia,...


Irkutsk Hosts Greater Eurasian Partnership and Belt and Road Initiative Conference

... conference «Greater Eurasian Partnership and Belt and Road Initiative: points of convergence and contact». The event was organized by a publication project «The Eurasian Illustrated Review» (Evraziyskoye Obozreniye ) During the two working days, leading Russian, Mongolian, Chinese, Kazakh, and Kyrgyz experts, diplomats and journalists were discussing the implementation and integration of Greater Eurasia and the Belt and Road initiatives, the prospects for «Russia-Mongolia-China» economic corridor, ...


Bonus for the “Big Eight” in Qingdao: Some Thoughts on the SCO Summit

... sidelines of last year’s session of the UN General Assembly in New York. And in Qingdao, the practice of holding multi-level, bilateral meetings between the leaders of member states, observers and the SCO dialogue partners continued. An important event in Russia–China relations in the run-up to the summit was the state visit by the President of the Russian Federation, which resulted in the deepening of the comprehensive bilateral strategic partnership. The leader of Kazakhstan made a similar trip to ...


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