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Why Did U.S. Prioritize Containing Russia Over China?

... and NATO at that time. Moscow asked for legally binding guarantees preventing NATO’s eastwards expansion, the removal of strike weapons near Russia’s borders, and a return to the continental military status quo enshrined in the now-defunct 1997 Russian-NATO Founding Act. These were rebuffed by the West, after which President Putin felt compelled to authorize kinetic action to uphold the integrity of his country’s national security red lines in Ukraine and Europe more broadly. Russia’s prior diplomatic ...


Russian Security Cannot be Anti-Russian

... United States), both in terms of the amelioration of the current situation in Ukraine and in taking into account of Russia’s justified demands for its security guarantees. Such guarantees require that foreign powers not deploy strike systems near Russia’s borders, that NATO give up on its advance to the western borders of Russia and that the “defense” organization’s anti-Russian troops withdraw back to the borders of 1997, when it had encroached into what was once the Soviet domain (the former Baltic Republics,...


End of Diplomacy? Or a Toast for the Swedish Masters

... social fabric, and government support from the “Green” party in the process. What we are curious to see, is whether the US and Euro economies will survive or experience a crash and depletion of confidence worse than 2009. Western voices say that “Russia has brought NATO together”. Well—after the current Western songs and hymns are replaced with realism or despair (or a new US President Trump in 2024), we are actually curious whether the Atlantic alliance will survive much longer. Debate is good. We see different ...


Debunking Some Myths about Russia’s Military Opertion in Ukraine

... direct influence of Moscow sphere or largely known as little St. Petersburg hence NATO must withdraw forces from Moscow influence. These Baltic cities also represent grand Russian society, culture and language, and traditions. It must be noted that Russia is not asking NATO and the U.S. to seek consent from Moscow to deploy military consignment or troops but to refrain from any military activities from Eurasia, the CIS, and to immediate halt NATO’s activities near Russian territories. Putin is right to describe this ...


Why Experts Believed an Armed Conflict with Ukraine Would Never Happen

... supplemented with another two. Afterthought 1. Moving towards a significant increase in NATO’s military presence in Eastern Europe. With a number of Western states blocking the airspace, the Kaliningrad Region can successfully be isolated from the rest of Russia. NATO is currently avoiding active engagement in the crisis. However, tensions between Russia and NATO will continue to grow regardless, including the issues pertaining to strategic deterrence. The threat of incidents and escalation to a full-fledged military ...


From St. Petersburg to Syunik: Reinvigorating the Russian–Armenian Security Alliance

... course and neglect its vital national security interests in Nagorno-Karabakh and Syunik, it will not only risk transforming Armenia into a Turkish client state, as this will also threaten to end Russia’s presence in Transcaucasia, creating a new Turkey-NATO threat on Russia’s southern frontiers. Currently, NATO stands a mere 135 kilometers (84 miles) from Peter the Great’s “window to Europe,” St. Petersburg . With an active support of the ambitious Ankara, it could soon follow this act by reaching within ...


Putin’s Ukraine Pushback: Existential War & The Moment of Rupture

... speech announcing the latest sanctions, it becomes clear that the aim of the West is to de-link Russia from the world economy—with the expectation of crippling, or according to Western analysts, “destroying” the Russian economy. Igor Ivanov: Russia-NATO: On the History of the Current Crisis The sanctions constitute massive economic retaliation, emerging as the epitome of escalation. It is the modern economic equivalent of the earlier hawkish doctrine of the winnability of a war with Russia. It is ...


When writings on the wall are ignored

... on the borders of Russia not the US). Presumably, Moscow decided to act military precisely in order to preclude such chain of events from developing rather than wait until a military clash is guaranteed not only between Russia and Ukraine but between Russia and NATO. In a situation like this it is clear that no amount of sanctions against Russia will play any role in changing its foreign and security policy. J. Borrel tweet addressed to the deputies of Russian Duma “No more shopping in Milano, partying in ...


The End of Diplomacy? Seven Glimpses of the New Normal

... States, nor Britain’s dramatic retreat from the European Union, nor the chronic crises in the Middle East, nor the persisting rise of Beijing’s global influence, nor the coronavirus pandemic—nothing prevented these preparations. Igor Ivanov: Russia-NATO: On the History of the Current Crisis Russia proceeded with a rapid modernization of its armed forces, pursuing programs of import substitution, accumulating foreign exchange reserves, expanding trade with China and deepening political and military-technical ...


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