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Advancing Strategic Stability in the Euro-Atlantic Region, 2021 and Beyond

... horrific price. In the Euro-Atlantic region today, leaders face risks of miscalculation, compounded by the potential for the use of nuclear weapons, where millions could be killed in minutes. Do we have the tools to prevent an incident from turning into unimaginable ... ... European countries. Six Principles for Advancing Strategic Stability For decades, strategic stability between the United States, NATO, and the Soviet Union/Russia included a mutual recognition of vital interests, redlines, and the means to reduce the risks ...


The British Nuclear Trident

... community, especially since the UK’s Ministry of Defence is mandated to notify the Parliament about any plans to develop new nuclear weapons. Giving credit where it is due, a relevant public statement was made very promptly. Alexander Yermakov: Is France’s ... ... aggressor and there is no doubt that the UK has the requisite capabilities. Nuclear weapons can be used independently or as part of NATO’s nuclear forces. Since 1994, it has been assumed that Tridents are de-targeted. Yet, retention of a certain ambiguity ...


Is France’s Nuclear Shield Big Enough to Cover All of Europe?

... disarmament (someday, like other powers), it was vital to “keep the powder dry.” The President reiterated the promise to not use nuclear weapons against those countries that had signed and honoured the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). According to ... ... contribute to the pan-European security, yet remain ‘sovereign:’ Paris will neither, as a matter of principle, be part of the NATO Nuclear Planning Group nor will it participate in the NATO’s Nuclear Sharing [ 1 ]. Notwithstanding European solidarity ...


Russia and Turkey: Approaches to Regional Security in the Middle East

... reason, the authors propose focusing on the following four main issues: terrorism, nuclear weapons, the Syrian crisis and the security architecture in the Middle East... ... This incident again called into question the level of relations between Russia and NATO member states. Together with a military coup attempt in Turkey in 2016, the so-called... ... Russia as a participant.” [ 44 ] Both Turkey and Russia cooperate within a number of international security organizations, including the Organization for Security and...


Five Questions that Need to be Addressed about American Foreign Policy

... autonomous withdrawal from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty in 2002 did not help. The ABM Treaty was a cornerstone of international security. Without this treaty to hold countries back, Russia started to rebuild and modernize its nuclear arsenal in order to hold off NATO and deter nuclear threats. Vladimir Putin said as much in the latter third of his recent address to the Federal Assembly ... ... Russia’s upgraded nuclear arsenal in the hope that the two countries could sit down and talk. Given this proliferation of nuclear weapons, a partnership between the two countries would be important for the whole world. The Cold War might have ended ...


MAD's Midlife Crisis: The Impact of US-Russia Rivalry on International Arms Control

... address the challenge of countering chemical terrorism. Legal rationale for the initiative was further developed in an explanatory note to the Russian proposal. It is stated in this document that the fundamental requirement of the Convention not to ... ... the CD remains deadlocked and the probability of reaching consensus on the Russian proposal is very low. Dmitry Stefanovich: Nuclear Weapons Prohibition and International Security It appears that the current discordance between the US and Russia over chemical weapons terrorism is due ...


Rising Nuclear Dangers: Steps to Reduce Risks in the Euro-Atlantic Region

... which is based on a survey of leading defense and security experts from the United States, Russia, and Europe, puts forward nine urgent and practical recommendations to ensure that we avoid the worst kind of catastrophe: a nuclear incident involving NATO and Russian forces. The measures are focused on preventing accidents, enhancing predictability, and building confidence. These include recommendations to fly military aircraft with transponders turned on, to establish “safe distance” protocols ...


Russia and the United States Need to Work Together to Ensure that ISIS Never Acquires Nuclear or Radiological Weapons

... the Crisis of Nuclear Arms Control and Catastrophic Terrorism”, which took place on the 1st of December, 2015 former Senator Sam Nunn, Co-Chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative made a speech where he put forward some pressing international issues.... ... lack of trust undermining cooperation between our U.S. and Russia leaders and nations. Harsh, irresponsible rhetoric regarding nuclear weapons is being used. There is no agreed process or an agenda for next steps on nuclear arms control and risk reduction....


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