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Mexico-Russia: Prospects for Strengthening Bilateral Relations in the Current Context

Speech by Ruben Beltran Speech by Ruben Beltran, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of Mexico to the Russian Federation, at the Roundtable “Russia and Pacific Alliance: Opportunities for Expanded Cooperation”, RIAC, September 30, 2014. In 2015, we will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations ...


А.Shchetinin: Russia — Mexico. We Have to Be Much More Realistic in Our Judgments

... discussion. Such a discussion is very timely against the backdrop of the significant intensification of Russian-Latin American cooperation in various fields. The coming 125th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Mexico, which we will celebrate next year, also prompts us to hold this discussion. I should start by confessing that I, like many in this hall, love Mexico, love its history, culture and wonderful people. My diplomatic career started in Mexico. The country ...


Russia – Mexico – Peru – Chile: bright future ahead?

... Russia and their home countries. Could you describe the current state of Russian-Mexican relations? Especially given the Ukrainian crisis and the sanctions. Are they ameliorating or deteriorating the situation? Ruben Beltran : The relations between Mexico and Russia are very good. But now we are rediscovering some developments that are going to strengthen our relations in the future. There is a tremendous amount of opportunities that we have not exploited quite well. This is strengthened by the ...


Roundtable on Russia-Pacific Alliance Relationship

... Cooperation" which focused on the structure and goals of the Alliance, as well as on the integration processes. The event was attended by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov; Latin American ambassadors in Moscow, among them Ruben Beltran of Mexico, Gustavo Otero of Peru, Jaime Giron of Colombia and Juan Eduardo Eguiguren of Chile; Director of RAS Institute for Latin American Studies Vladimir Davydov; Valery Morozov, Russian ambassador in Mexico in 2005-2012; representatives of Ministry for ...


Russia and Mexico Facing Migration Challenges

Model in Transformation: New Elements Emerge Global migration processes can be divided into roughly two main models, the Mexico-U.S.A. system in the Western hemisphere and the Russia-CIS system in Eurasia. Although Russia is predominantly a recipient of migrants and Mexico is a donor, there are enough similarities to allow for comparisons of the overall migration dynamics ...


Fighting Crime: Mexico’s Lessons for Russia

... than fighting national criminal gangs. But while crime is becoming transnational, control over it is still limited to national borders, which seriously undermines efforts to counteract it. Photo: Illegal Drug Market Violence in Mexico Factors that have contributed to the rapid rise in crime in Mexico include the transitional nature of the political situation, which is further compounded by internal transformations in the country, which was in transition to a multiparty system ...


MIKTA – Is It a New Element of the Global Governance Structure?

Grouping of “Middle Powers” Late September 2013 on the sidelines of 68th session of the UN General Assembly the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey and Australia held a meeting during which they reached an understanding to form a new informal negotiating network of “middle powers” – MIKTA. The five states considered that under the current architecture ...


Is There a Chance for a Breakthrough in Russian-Mexican Economic Relations?

Untapped Reserves and the Outlook for Commercial Interaction In recent years Mexico has become Russia’s key economic partner in Latin America, although despite noticeable growth, there is significant untapped potential in terms of economic cooperation between the two countries. The issue on the agenda is improving the business ...


Russia and Mexico in Asia Pacific

Outlook for Cooperation Mexico's geopolitical priorities are steadily shifting to deeper cooperation with countries in the Asia Pacific Region (APR), both on the bilateral level and within existing and emerging integration groups such as APEC, the Pacific Alliance and the Trans-Pacific ...


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