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What Do the Syrian People Expect from Russia?

... regime is “avoiding” both at home and abroad, particularly in the process of change or reform, or the settlement process and the requirements of UN Resolution No. 2254, the pressures that the regime faces concerning its relationship with Iran and Hezbollah, its concerns about the relationships between Russia, Turkey and Israel, and what Russia could do to dismantle the deep sources that threaten the Syrian authorities as a consequence of the war. Nine: A Matter of Hope Perhaps the biggest challenge or concern facing the Syrian people is to understand the Russian vision ...


Looking for Options: The Israeli Establishment and the Syrian Conflict

... al-Assad government remaining in power. That would be the best explanation for why it was recently revealed that Israel is arming some Sunni jihadist rebels. Israel is willing to ally itself with Salafist rebels in order to prevent the “Iranian-Syrian-Hezbollah axis” from proclaiming victory in the Syrian Civil War. Whether this proves to be a wise decision for Israel, remains to be seen. Russia’s Syrian Foreign Policy: The Israeli’s Vantage Point Ruslan Mamedov: Non-Governmental and Irregular Armed Groups in the Syria/Iraq Conflict Zone Russia intervened in Syria in 2015 at the request of Syrian President al-Assad. Russia has no ...


The Lebanese Front

... President’s announcement are particularly interesting (link in Arabic). Meanwhile, Russia will maintain a presence, as well as military bases, in the country as part of military cooperation. This will necessarily involve a lot of manoeuvring on the part of Russia in its contacts with Israel and Hezbollah. 1 . Shebaa Farms is a disputed territory located between Syria, Lebanon and Israel. The reason for the dispute is the fact that the border between Lebanon and Syria has never been demarcated. The United Nations and Israel consider Shebaa Farms ...


Mr. Netanyahu in Dire Straits

... predict these, or similar, scenarios for the Middle East, which is already permeated by chronic conflicts, border disputes and territories populated largely by religious, ethnic and other minorities. Do you see any role in the Middle East settlement for Russia? The Iranian issue remains of paramount importance for Israel, thousands or maybe even dozens of thousands of the latest missiles targeted by the Hezbollah against northern Israel from Lebanon, as well as the threat of shelling from the Gaza Strip. Israel relies on Russia in its search for amenable solutions on Iran's nuclear program and the prevention of modern weapons supplies to the already ...


Lebanon in the Crosshairs of Jihadism

... tactics to combat ISIS. - Al-Monitor , 25.02.2015 ) by representatives of Lebanon and Israel, which are formally in a state of war. The Lebanese side failed to show a willingness... ... jihadists far inland. The Lebanese military enjoys sustained essential support from Hezbollah troops, which annoys those members of the Coalition who believe that strengthening... ... on the other (See: Middle East and the Present , # 34, 2008, pp. 267–290 [in Russian]). It is the largest refugee camp, giving shelter to up to 50 thousand Palestinians...


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