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Political Transformations in Iran: How to Keep up with the Times

Specific features of its spiritual tradition, its values and the institutional framework permit the system to adapt to the changing social environment and allow for improvising when handling forms of political governance As sporadic protests occur in Iran, some experts claim that regime changes are inevitable, listing the adverse economic situation, corruption and unprecedented pressure of the sanctions among the principal factors behind the instability. It appears, however, that Iran's political ...


USA vs. JCPOA: How Can Russia and China Respond?

The worst scenario for the United States is the consolidated actions of Moscow and Beijing on military-technical cooperation with Iran on the basis of Resolution 2231 A new round of escalation of US sanctions pressure on Iran is taking place in connection with Tehran’s “violation” of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (hereinafter referred to as the JCPOA or “nuclear ...


Russia and Syria: Nuances in Allied Relations

... America’s allies in the Gulf were alarmed when Obama, looking to be “on the right side of history,” rapidly withdrew support for Mubarak when the protests in Egypt broke out (in February 2011) and when the United States effectively gave in to Iran in the struggle for influence in Iraq. Trump’s demonstrative turn towards Saudi Arabia, coupled with the U.S. withdrawal from the multilateral agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme and the subsequent policy of applying “maximum pressure” ...


What Do the Syrian People Expect from Russia?

... pressure placed on the country from outside) coincided with a number of dangerous developments in the war: The increasing American military and political interference in the east of the Euphrates. The increasing number of Israeli attacks on Syrian and Iranian sites across Syria. The increasing U.S. and Israeli pressure on Iran inside Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. The declaration of the implementation of the “Caesar Act.” The worsening economic crisis; the collapse of exchange rates and the increase ...


Moscow and Tehran in Syria: Competition or Partnership?

The Russian’s view on Syria is tactical, not strategic Russia and Iran's partnership has often wavered between cooperation and rivalry due to the incompatibility of interests and goals in many regional and international issues. However, their joint efforts have so far succeeded in achieving substantial results in Syria,...


The Caesar Act: A New Challenge for Syria?

... obvious obstacles that the Caesar Acts creates for Russian companies, the are a number of examples where the reverse is true in terms of Syria leaning more and more towards Russia economically. Russian business has experience in dividing up the roles with Iran, the leading economic player in Syria. For instance, the global media took notice of the agreement to jointly develop the phosphate fields in Palmyra, which was liberated from ISIL by pro-Iranian units. New sanctions will most likely postpone China’s ...


Post-COVID-19 Sanctions Policies

... exceptions [ vi ]. In the United States, Democratic candidate Joe Biden spoke about this as well [ vii ]. The US administration promptly released a list of exceptions to its sanctions, many of which were in place long before the pandemic. They concern Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and Russia [ viii ]. A joint US-Swiss relief supply channel for Iran has become operational [ ix ]. We saw the first transactions based on INSTEX, a long-awaited channel for humanitarian transactions with Iran ...


Waiting for the Intra-Afghan Dialogue to Begin

... do it. The thing is, if we do not see any real steps made in the intra-Afghan process, then the Americans will find it increasingly difficult to put on a happy face. This is what makes the joint call of the special representatives of Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan for foreign troops in Afghanistan to “withdraw in an orderly and responsible manner to ensure a smooth transition” published on May 18, 2020, particularly relevant. Both the government of Afghanistan and U.S. officials have made ...


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