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Framework on E-Growth Strategy

Today, Russia still lags behind most other European countries in terms of penetration, with roughly half of the adult population connected. Russia is catching up quickly however, with average annual growth in Internet users exceeding 10% over the last few years. In September 2011, Russia overtook Germany as the market with the largest number of unique Internet users in Europe. Russian E-Commerce Industry is very nascent. Country with strong mobile base has ...


Alexander Galitsky: It's a Matter of Trust

Interview with Founder of Almaz Capital Partners Founder of Almaz Capital Partners venture capital firm Alexander Galitsky answered our questions on the demise of the Internet and the challenges facing Russian technology companies. The interview was prepared for publication by RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeev and RIAC correspondent Yaroslav Menshenin. Alexander, after the geopolitical events of 2014, Dauria Aerospace ...


Internet in Latin America: Reality and Future in Digital Terms

With the arrival of 21st century, the Internet has become a key factor in global development, although Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) is often seen as one of the poorest and socially insecure regions, largely bypassed by global technological trends. However, LAC has is playing a dynamic ...


A Cocktail Umbrella in the Cyber Typhoon: Obama’s New “Cyber Executive Order”

... Executive Order threshold of being a “significant” cyber actor), being able to conclusively “prove” the originator of malicious cyber activity is problematic. In today’s world we find out more about who did what by listening to internet chatter-bragging that takes place after a major incident. If no such chatter exists, then the United States tends to simply connect dots in a circumstantial way. But circumstantial evidence is often not “beyond a reasonable doubt.” ...


Obama: Silicon Valley rather than Putin

..., the United States was absent for the first time in seeking a resolution to a conflict in which Moscow is involved. A few days later, Obama broke his silence by raising another “European” issue –standing up for the interests of US Internet giants (the GAFA – Google-Apple-Facebook-Amazon), he accused Europe of protectionism in the IT sphere. These words are not just innocent chatter. After the revelation of the American PRISM surveillance program, tensions between the White ...


Russian Digital Diplomacy: 7 trends of 2014

... Department (DIP) of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) became one of the winners of the Runet Prize, the annual national award honoring Russian websites. Maria Zakharova, deputy head of the department who became the main MFA spokesperson on the internet over past years, noted on the occasion: “You cannot imagine, how difficult it often is for diplomats trained in the tradition of [the head of early Soviet foreign policy, Georgy] Chicherin to master new technologies.” The use of social networking ...


Internet: How Deep Is Pandora’s Box?

The threat emanating from virtual space and Internet technologies has become a traditional challenge in the 21st century, as human progress is already inseparably linked to the Internet. However, these threats vary depending on their origin, the tools that are at the disposal of the attackers and ...


Peshawar: Pakistani “Beslan”

... become more difficult for special services to uncover and predict terrorists attacks. The transformation of the terrorist threat has also been aided by advancements in fields such as information technology. Future terrorists can now be recruited over the internet instead of in person. The rise of the Islamic State has shown that the worldwide web has allowed terrorists to solve the problem of recruiting and training supporters, and organizing and coordinating their actions in an effective manner. The ...


Cyberspace Discussed Globally

... from the government, academia, media ( Der Spiegel, et al), major corporations ( Microsoft, Comcast, PriceWaterhouseCoopers ), numerous NGOs from the United States, Europe and Asia. During two days seven groups were discussing the development of the Internet and cyberspace, security, creation of mechanisms for the cyberspace regulation and international interaction. The final gathering was devoted to international regulation of the Internet, enhanced protection of national infrastructures, prevention ...


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