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On the Matter of the Gulf Cooperation Council’s Regional Security Concept

... In early 2016, the Saudi Gulf Research Center published a report in Arabic subtitled “An Arab Gulf Union is the Future” dedicated to Gulf regional security. The report is important not only because the problem of regional security in the Middle East has recently become a favorite discussion topic, but also because the Jeddah-based Gulf Research Center is chaired by businessman Abdulaziz bin Othman bin Sager. He is considered to be close to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s security ...


The Task Force on Cooperation in Greater Europe releases its fourth Position Paper

On May 4, 2016 the Task Force on Cooperation in Greater Europe published its fourth Position Paper “Countering the Threats from the Middle East” on the web-sites of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), the European Leadership Network (ELN), the Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) and the International Strategic Research Organization in Ankara (USAK)....


Russian and Turkish Experts Discuss Middle East Security Issues

On March 3, 2016 Moscow hosted a roundtable “ Collective Security System in the Middle East: Myth or Reality ” of the Russian International Affairs Council and the Turkish International Institute for the Development of Scientific Cooperation ( MIRNaS ). The event was attended by RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeev ; MIRNaS ...


Snow is Still White in the Fields…Personal Notes on the Margins of the Munich Security Conference

... Committee on Foreign Relations Robert Corker. On the whole, however, China was not such a hot topic at the conference. From conversations with the few Chinese delegates present, it was clear that lack of attention did not worry them in the least. The Middle East as the “Season Trend” As one might have guessed, the big headline stealers were the Middle East and international terrorism, which, along with the migration crisis, were constant topics of conversation. King Abdullah II of Jordan,...


Is a Collective Security System Possible in the Middle East?

It would not be an exaggeration to suggest that the future of international relations as a whole depends on how the situation in the Middle East develops. Right now, attention is focused on more obvious and heated examples of regional instability. Solutions are being sought to a range of complex issues, including the long-standing civil war in Syria, the settlement of internal conflicts ...


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