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Russia Moves East, India West, Straining Ties

Russia and India are going to lose a lot if they have to take sides in this forthcoming US-China rivalry "Russia is losing India!"—I ... ... and to mitigate it to the extent possible with a new emphasis on multilateralism. India, China and Russia are all members of BRICS and of SCO; Moscow could work harder making these institutions more efficient in reaching common denominators for even highly ...


BRICS Should Avoid Becoming an anti-US Group

Interview with Dattesh Parulekar, Assistant Professor, Centre for Latin American & International Studies, Goa University How do Indian experts see the role of BRICS in world politics and what do they think about current relations between Russia and India? Dattesh Parulekar , Assistant Professor, Centre for Latin American & International Studies, Goa University and Vice President, Forum for Integrated National ...


G20 Summit: Looking for Compromise

... Russia, the key talks for understanding the development of Russia’s foreign policy are the now traditional sessions held with BRICS countries. In addition, a meeting was also held between the heads of state of Russia, India and China (in the RIC format). Objectively, this format could be the most efficient, since interaction between Eurasia’s ... ... between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, who only had time to exchange opinions on the “Kerch Strait incident.” Trump’s refusal to meet with the President of the Russian Federation means a further loss of confidence between the two countries. On the ...


BRICS Summit: A Blessing in Disguise

BRICS Attracted Far Greater Positive Attention than its Rivals The second cycle of ... ... a trade war with its principal rival. No matter how much Washington may be courting India seen as a main counterbalance to China in the new political and geographical setup... ... intended for the President of the United States on specific issues, such as the refusal to approve new members of the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization. The...


70th Anniversary of Russia-India Relations: New Horizons of Privileged Partnership: Report. Foreword from the Indian Side

The basic foundation of the relationship remains strong. A rising India would be a valuable partner of Russia in Asia and beyond Kanwal Sibal Not enough critical evaluation has been made of ... ... Russia that had taken the leadership to establish the Russia–India–China dialogue and the BRIC forum, later evolving into BRICS, but now it is China that is becoming the senior partner. China is taking the lead to alter the nature of BRICS and consolidate ...


Where Is BRICS Headed? On the Results of the Goa Summit

Recently, western media and some Russian academics have stepped up their criticism of BRICS and expressed doubts regarding the association’s prospects. Experts claimed that the Goa Summit would be a routine ... ... which do, indeed, exist between these states. First of all, there is a long-standing geopolitical conflict between China and India, which shows no signs of mitigating over time. The economic difficulties of the BRICS countries are also actively discussed,...


How Russia Sees the World

... global responsibility, and this may become a critical obstacle to building a new world order in the foreseeable future. China and India: Facets of Self-Limitation The world’s second most powerful and influential country, China, has made much more progress ... ... democracy) did not harm its sovereignty but, through specificity, strengthened it and helped hold the country together. The popular BRICS group (which includes some of the aforementioned countries) is an important addition and sometimes a good alternative to ...


BRICS and food security

... not clear whether the world's worst drought in over a century provided impetus for the agriculture ministers of the BRICS nations to gather in Brasilia in March and launch a manifesto designed to make the group a key player in the global food ... ... and business ethics perspective the effort makes sense and can add value to the BRICS brand. But success depends on China, India and Brazil, who are impacted by drought and infrastructure problems that step on their economic performance. And Russia ...


Iron ore and steel. Strategic, volatile and primed for conflict

... the BRICS have not imbedded in their business culture. This suggests that, unlike NATO, which remains a world military and economic power, the BRICS are destined to remain a micro, rather than a macro alliance. Looking at the statistics below, the BRICS appear to dominate the world's basic iron ore and basic steel producers. Top 10 Iron Ore Producing Nations 1 China 2 Australia 3 Brazil 4 India 5 Russia 6 Ukraine 7 South Africa 8 USA 9 Kazakhstan 10 Iran Top Steel Producers 2013 in millions of crude tons Arcelor Mittal Luxembourg 96 million tons Nippon Steel-Sumitomo Japan 50.1 Hebei Group China 45.8 Bao Steel Group China 43.9 Wuhan Steel Group China 39.3 Posco S.Korea 38.4 ...


Russia-India-China: An Intricate Love Triangle to Counter the United States?

The meeting of Russian, Indian and Chinese foreign ministers in Beijing early February seems to have been of much greater significance than most of their ... ... of non-antagonistic approaches to global interaction. Russia and China supported India’s aspirations to join APEC, and BRICS definitely retains its role alongside the Russia-China-India trilateral format. Both Russia and China would also like to ...


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