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Challenges to International Stability in 2020–2025

Crisis of the state system, Economic and financial disorder, the rise of non-state actors, climate change, migrations, decline of international institutions 1. Crisis of the state system. In coming years, we are likely to see a continuous crisis of the traditional state system, particularly in such places as the MENA region, sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and in parts of the former Soviet Union. Weak states might face a challenge of losing their sovereignty; they will not be in a position to provide...


Andrey Kortunov Speaks at the 2019 European Meeting of the Trilateral Commission

On November 22–24, 2019, Stockholm hosted an annual European Meeting of the Trilateral Commission. About three hundred politicians, businessmen, journalists, public figures, and journalists from most European countries took part in the event. On November 22–24, 2019, Stockholm hosted an annual European Meeting of the Trilateral Commission. About three hundred politicians, businessmen, journalists, public figures, and journalists from most European countries took part in the event. The participants...


Bridging Gaps in Global Governance

... the current system is economically efficient and what steps could be undertaken to bring the governance framework more into line with the challenges posed by changing conditions in the world economy. In fact, signs of a systemic malfunction in the global governance framework go beyond the standard references to global imbalances, inequality and the “new normal” of slower growth rates for longer. No less worrisome are the gaps associated with the lack of capacity to deal with environmental and ...


How Dare You! The UN and the Climate Agenda

... focus), while continuing to depend on the positions of individual nations. 1 . United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (1992) United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. UNFCCC, New York 2 . Kirton J., Kokotsis E. The Global Governance of Climate Change: G7, G20, and UN Leadership. Routledge, 2016. 420 pp. 3 . An Overview of International Climate Change Law, including the Paris Agreement // Australian Law Journal . Vol. 92, Part 10, pp. 756–765. 4 . Climate Change ...


Global Governance in Transformation

This book analyzes the state of global governance in the current geopolitical environment. It evaluates the main challenges and discusses potential opportunities for compromise in international cooperation. The book’s analysis is based on the universal criteria of global political ...


Geopolitics and Relations among Major Powers

... to more cynicism, and opportunism in foreign policies. So, what should we do to overcome the current crisis in international relations? Above all, we have to agree that the critical task of the day is the task to restore and to enhance the shattered global governance. Without addressing this task, we are not going to succeed in any other undertakings. The central dividing line in the modern international system is between order and chaos. The prime building blocks of the international system are ...


Regionalism in Global Governance: Exploring New Pathways

... and trans-regional projects, such as Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), and BRICS+ that may be seen in part as an aggregation of the existing regional blocs. Valdai Club Report " Regionalism in Global Governance: Exploring New Pathways "


RIAC Forecast 2019–2024

... the opinions of Russian experts on Russia’s foreign policy with regard to individual countries, the situation in individual regions, and the specifics of the development of the key functional areas in international relations. The first Chapter “ Global Governance and World Order ” is available now. — Fyodor Lukyanov , #MeFirst against Strategic Stability — Sergey Afontsev , The Future of Global Economic Governance — Valery Garbuzov , Hopes and Illusions of Polycentric Bipolarity ...


The Global Integration Algorithm: Directing the Forces of Gravity

... hence appears that there is a certain sequencing that could be followed in building a more balanced global economic architecture. The most important part of the sequencing has to do with addressing the fragmentations and gaps in the regional layer of global governance (most notably within the Global South) that has become increasingly critical in the past decades for development and maintenance of macroeconomic stability. The attainment of a more coordinated framework in the relations between developed ...


Entering 2019: Challenges and Opportunities

... States. The reality is much more complicated. These days, the world is going through a profound technological, economic, social and cultural transformation, and our final destination is not clear. The increased pace of change calls for a new level of global governance, but old political habits still prevent us from moving to this level. I would venture to say that the greatest challenge of our times is a deficit of solidarity between nation states, including those of them, which are entrusted by the ...


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