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EU, Ukraine and “Red Lines” of Russian Foreign Policy

... Russian Federation is the biggest gas supplier to countries of the Eastern Partnership and essential partner of Ukraine regarding oil and nuclear fuel. The struggle in this field is especially for Ukraine, as it is quite crucial country for transit of Russian gas to the Central Europe and a huge trading partner. Ukraine is aware of its dependency on Russian natural resources and has already taken steps to diversify its demand towards Europe. As Joint Statement from the last EU-Ukraine Summit declares, the ...


Central Asia: Energy Meadow – Dr. Rico Isaacs Interview

... style’ regimes of Central Asia – so additionally does the model of governance influence relations? That is a good, but difficult question as there have been evident tensions with a lot of it around energy, as E.U. has been trying to lower gas prices whilst Russia has cut off gas supplies to Ukraine and Belarus [not helping the relationship]. Also, a lot of it has to do with psychology of the Russian foreign policy. Russia should be a superpower and it should be able to throw its weight across the world....


«Global & Russian Energy Outlook 2035» ERIRAS

... – that is around $1 trillion more than Russia’s annual GDP. Legally wise, it is argued that alterations within the overall legislation and more so on monopolistic laws can lead to a cost reduction of around 2/3 in many of the cases and in Russia. As a fact, only 47% of the world’s gas is sold under regulated pricing, with this figure being so ‘high’ because the US market is 99% free. If unfairness, wastages and lack of competition is removed with correct laws, positive results can be achieved. In certain countries,...


«Oil & Gas Dialogue» IMEMO RAN

... Mayan apocalypse as some may have felt, but in today’s world things change quickly making one ponder – what must be done to stop any changes, how to adapt to them if they occur and what if sceptics are right? «Oil and Gas Dialogue: Russian Gas in the European Market» Joint International Forum held at IMEMO RAN conference hall on 7th December 2012; moderated by Ivanova N. I., RAN Academic and Associate Director of IMEMO RAN, and Eric Dam, General Director of Energy Delta Institute....


«Eastern Siberia Oil & Gas Conference»

... gets the technological means it may mine its shale reserves which are the biggest in the world. Realistically, Russia cannot compete with shale prices as US trades at $70 per 1000 cubic meters, Australia at $120-$140 and Algeria and Qatar sell natural gas just above that. But Russia could continue to compete if it improves efficiency and creates a local economy as well as a status of a reliable supplier that will be a unique selling point in the turbulent world. «3rd International Eastern Siberia Oil & Gas Conference» ...


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