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Robots To Define Russian Geopolitics

On December 1, Abishur Prakash launched a groundbreaking new book called “Next Geopolitics: The Future of World Affairs (Technology).” It looks at how new technologies like robotics, embryo editing, and food cloning will transform world affairs. Russia is featured multiple times in the book for its advances in artificial intelligence and robotics. Russia is in a period of resurgence around the world. In Central Asia and Eastern Europe, Russia is a founding member of the Eurasian Economic...


RIAC opens a window to the 22nd century

... International Affairs Council published reader "The World in 100 Years" containing 55 articles in Russian and English languages. It is a result of RIAC's long-standing experimental project by key Russian and foreign experts who offered their forecasts about various aspects of politics, economy and social life on the turn of the 21st century. The reader presents Russia's first large-scale attempt to cast a glance into the far-away future and outlines the contours of human life in 100 years,...


A New “Age of Politics”

The main thrust of media coverage going into 2016 can be described with one single phrase – the situation is complicated, but it will get even worse. Such assessments are typical during times of rapid change. And foreign policy is no exception. The set of problems and challenges is without a doubt far reaching. But in current circumstances it is probably best not to get bogged down in illusory optimism or pessimism. We need to take stock of the achievements made and possible steps that can...


Outlining 2016

RIAC forecasts on key global challenges RIAC experts forecasts on key international issues: world order, terrorism, weapons, Russia and West, Postsoviet space, Middle East, Europe, Cenral Asia, China and Asia Pacifics, Latin America. Project page: http://russiancouncil....


International Affairs Forecast of the Year Contest

... dominate the global agenda in 2015? Answers should not be too extensive; you should be able to sum up your position in 3000 characters or less. We welcome brevity, a reasoned presentation of your position, originality and a good line of argument. Your forecasts will be accepted until February 8, 2015 and can be sent to Answers that have passed preliminary moderation will be published on a separate expert page of the RIAC blog platform. An open discussion of the entries ...


Cyberpunk Coming True

Cyberpunk: Predictions and Reality In recent decades, individuals, society and the world as a whole have been changing at breakneck speed, necessitating scientific approaches to predicting future developments. However, science-based prediction is a relatively young discipline, while authors of fiction – and especially science fiction – have been attempting to model societal and technological changes for centuries. One particularly interesting trend is cyberpunk, a science fiction sub-genre...


Dmitry Peskov: Invest in Advantages

... stimulate the emergence of new types of plants. If they manage to clone a mammoth, we will see a completely different branch of agriculture in a hundred years. We all have different forecasting time-frames. In Russia, we live for today. Can we make forecasts? I am a historian through my first education and I can say that Russia is a country with an unpredictable past, but not with an unpredictable future. And, honestly, I would say that from my point of view, the future of Russia, as well as its ...


Central Asia: Regional Development Trends

Targeted policymakers’ actions can make the future along the southern borders of Russia either catastrophic or almost acceptable Post-Soviet Central Asia is one of the key regions for Russian interests in the areas of national security and economic development. The forthcoming pullout of the International Security Assistance Force in 2014 from neighboring Afghanistan makes the situation in that region critically important for international politics. Obviously, the long-term development forecast...


Russian-African relations in ten years: a new start

... believing that Russia will return to club of the most influential actors on the continent and strengthen its key role in world affairs, Africans want to see it as their privileged partner. Russia’s development programs and reliable international forecasts confirm the validity of such expectations. Experts invited by the National Intelligence Council of the United States to carry out the study Global Trends 2025 note that Russia in the next decade will vigorously develop and retain its place ...


More Science

... psychologists? Which science will prevail: fundamental or applied? We do not often ponder these questions; the future is too far away. Moreover, the Austrian economist J. Schumpeter believed that one hundred years is a too of a short timeframe for serious forecasts of major social processes, e.g. the destiny of capitalism and socialism. Perhaps, this observation is also correctfor science, whichen compasses social, political and economic conditions of intellectual activity. Complex interrelationships between ...


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