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Standing for Everything Evil against Everything Good: Russia’s Hostile Measures in Europe

Analysing the RAND Corporation’s Report “Russia’s Hostile Measures in Europe” In late January, researchers from the renowned U.S. research centre RAND Corporation ... ... countries into its sphere of influence; increasing cooperation and trade with Western Europe; undermining enlargement of the European Union and NATO into the post-Soviet space. It is assumed that Moscow will use “measures short of war” as a tactic. This term was introduced ...


Russia and Ukraine: Four Scenarios for the Future

... start of the dramatic events of the Maidan in Kiev that engendered a profound crisis in Russia’s relations with both Ukraine and the West. This is not a short period of time:... ... of economic and technical cooperation. The questions of Ukraine joining the EU and NATO will, however, be regularly delayed to some ever more distant future, and major... ... confrontation between Russia and the West. The economic sanctions of the United States and the European Union will be retained and expanded. An arms race will start in Europe without...


William Hill’s “No Place for Russia: European Security Institutions Since 1989” Discussed at RIAC

On November 19, 2018, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), held a discussion of W. Hill’s book “No Place for Russia: European Security ... ... to explain current tensions and show how attempts to integrate Russia into a single Euro-Atlantic security system only led to NATO and EU domination and rivalry with Russia. The discussion was attended by experts on European security issues, on relations ...


Brussels Hosts Second RIAC and ELN Seminar «Towards a More Stable NATO-Russia Relationship»

On November 16­–17, 2018 in Brussels, RIAC and European Leadership Network (ELN) held the second seminar in the framework of the joint project “Towards a More Stable NATO-Russia Relationship. The first seminar was held in Moscow on July 17. On November 16­–17, 2018 in Brussels, RIAC and European Leadership Network ( ELN ) held the second seminar in the framework of the joint project “Towards a More Stable NATO-Russia ...


Unbalanced Europe and the New Order in the OSCE Space

... possible is depriving us of our future Introduction The collapse of relations between Russia and the West after 2014 put an end to the idea of Greater Europe. The area of... ... will grow. Ivan Timofeev: The Euro-Atlantic Security Formula: The Implications of NATO-Russia Relations to the Baltic Sea Region In other words, the extremely serious... ... address mounting problems. Given such circumstances, the growing, prosperous, and stable European Union was inevitably turning into an attractive aspiration. The deeper and...


My Wish List for the Bundeskanzleramt

... new government in Berlin is always a new opportunity — not only for Germany itself, but also for its international partners, Russia including I understand the fundamentals. Russia lost Germany back in 2014 or even earlier. Seventy-three years after ... ... to sharply disagree on many critically important international matters. Germany is and will always be a disciplined member of NATO and that of the European Union; it will not take any initiatives that might look risky, inappropriate or untimely to other members of these organizations....


The European Part of Russia’s Geopolitical Project: Correcting the Mistakes. Part 2

... “political spring” put everything back in its rightful place, particularly with regard to Russia–EU relations and relations among the EU’s member states, to give Europe everything... ... and Euro-Atlantic organizations as a whole and to its primary additive components – NATO, the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE) and the Council... ... is dedicated to what practice has shown to be a number of misconceptions about the European Union on the part of Russia. About what it represents, how it functions, the...


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