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Ukrainian Crisis. Who Has the Upper Hand?

... will be able to achieve the political goals for which a huge price has already been paid, both in human lives and in terms of enormous damage to the economy. The contours of the balance for global and regional players—the EU, the US, China, Japan, Iran and others are more clearly visible. The European Union bears the most serious losses and costs. They are associated with the rupture of numerous trade and economic ties with Russia. The main challenge is the replacement of Russian oil, gas, metals and a number of other commodities on the European market. This process will require a serious concentration of resources and political will. In the next few years, it will affect ...


Results of 2021: Sanctions Policy

... for business. The change of administration in the United States has resulted in adjustments to the policy of sanctions against Russia, China and Iran. The EU’s toolkit of restrictive measures has been gradually developing, although there have been no significant breakthroughs.... ... officials, although it did not go for stricter restrictions on financial institutions. Sanctions against China were imposed by the European Union and other US allies. Brussels has done so using its new legal mechanism on human rights . Beijing delivered an ...


What to Do with Extraterritorial Sanctions? EU Responses

... Department directly warned European business about the threat of sanctions for participating in the project. In addition to Iran and Russia, concern in the EU was also caused by the aggravation of US-Chinese tensions. Brussels distanced itself from Trump’s ... ... Commission . Currently, we can talk about the formation of a number of strategic goals, the achievement of which should allow the European Union to increase its stability in relation to extraterritorial sanctions of the United States and other countries. ...


The Caesar Act: A New Challenge for Syria?

... repayment of loans received from Iran in 2013–2019. A new military agreement with Iran was signed in Damascus on July 8, 2020. Adviser to the President of Syria Bouthaina... ... the Syrian reconstruction effort. The German expert Muriel Asseburg notes that the European Union’s consolidated standing is eroded by differences between the United... ... mobilization of Syria’s internal reserves and strengthening economic cooperation with Russia.


Post-COVID-19 Sanctions Policies

... the Iran nuclear deal. President Donald Trump effectively ignored Resolution 2231 and unilaterally resumed sanctions against Iran contrary to other Security Council members’ opinion. In other words, the UN remains the single most important supranational ... ... effectiveness. The future of US hegemony in this area will depend on the policies of other major players, such as the EU, China and Russia. European Union: Sanctions as an Alternative to Diplomacy and Weapons Sanctions Against Russia: A Look Into 2020. RIAC Report ...


Soleimani’s Assassination Is More than a Crime

... many US allies in the region – from Saudi Arabia to Israel – urging the White House to take more steps to stop the growing Iranian presence in the Middle East? Was it a flood of advice from self-proclaimed experts on Iran in Washington, who argued that ... ... about a regional crisis management mechanism involving Iran and key neighboring Arab starts. Concerned overseas powers – like Russia, China, India, and EU – could assist in building this mechanism working with their respective regional partners. We should ...


Andrea Dessì: the EU and Russia Share Much Potential for Cooperation in the Middle East

... potential influence over the outcome and will be following the process very closely. There are multiple reasons as to why the European Union has limited influence over this situation. The EU has been sidelined in the conflict, in both its military and ... ... losing side of the conflict in Syria and this automatically limits leverage. While the war still isn’t over, it is clear that Russia, Turkey, Iran and Assad are the major players who will define its final stages, with a limited role for the US. While we may now be seeing ...


US Withdrawal From the JCPOA and Anti-Iranian Sanctions: Pros and Cons

The new sanctions war against Iran has been unleashed, and there is no way of stopping it Sanctions researchers ... ... meeting on July 20, 2015 , the deal was drafted with the active contribution of the European Union, as well as the P5 countries. It had special significance for Brussels... ... Timofeev is Programme Director of the Valdai Discussion Club, Director of Programs at Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC). First published in Valdai Discussion...


Russian and Iranian Experts Discuss Relations between Russia and Iran with the European Union

On June 27, 2019, RIAC hosted a meeting for the representatives of Russian International Affairs Council and the Iranian Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) to discuss the current state of Russian-European and Iranian-European relations. On June 27, 2019, RIAC hosted a meeting for the representatives of Russian International Affairs Council ...


Europe Under Fire from US Secondary Sanctions

... US market and financial system has outweighed the promise of benefits offered by the Iranian market. This kind of logic is compelling for any country whose companies may... ... militarily, the modern world has been multipolar for quite long. China, India, and Russia are strong centres of power in their own right and direct military aggression... ... share of companies hit by secondary sanctions? What measures are being taken by the European Union to protect its businesses and how effective are these measures? Is there...


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