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Transatlantic Forum on Russia Fourth Edition (Rome)

... Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The forum is attended by experts, journalists, diplomats, public figures, and businessmen from Italy and foreign countries. The main topics of the discussion were pending issues in the “USA - European Union - Russia” triangle, the future of international conflicts, taking into account the ongoing global technological revolution, the factor of China in relations between the West and Russia. Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, and Dmitry Suslov, Deputy Director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies at the Higher School of Economics, spoke at the forum. The forum ...


20 Years of Vladimir Putin: How Russian Foreign Policy Has Changed

... status was essential. This double failure forced Putin into a sharp turn in the second half of the 2010s. From the outside, this looked like a turn from a Greater Europe toward a Greater Eurasia, which many took for a pivot to the East, specifically to China. In fact, this was a pivot by Russia toward itself, in search of a balancing point in a quickly changing global environment. Russia’s current self-determination is an affirmation of itself as a major independent power in the north of the Eurasian ...


World Economy in The Grips of “Moral Hazard”

... – The Wall Street Journal (2008) In the past several weeks the world’s financial markets have re-entered into higher volatility mode as the ongoing trade dispute between the two largest economies is dashing hopes of speedy improvement in US-China relations. The uncertainty afflicting the markets is further exacerbated by the contradictions between the Trump camp and the Fed, with increasing trade tensions forcing the Fed to accommodate the negative effects on the US economy through monetary ...


Russia and Italy: No Breakthroughs

... to strike a common approach on this issue. On March 23, 2019, during Xi Jinping’s visit, Italy and the People's Republic of China signed a memorandum of cooperation within the One Belt One Road Initiative, despite the numerous warnings against the move ... ... - President of the European Parliament, Mario Draghi - Chairman of the ECB, Federica Mogherini - High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy), now only one Italian - a representative of the opposition Democratic ...


Communication Lines in Diplomacy: Expanding the Possibility Set

... disruptions in the technological cooperation. This breakdown in diplomatic communication and international relations is starting to impact the technology of broader day-to-day communication, in particular the pace of transition of the world economy to 5G, as China’s rising technological capabilities in this area are starting to encounter headwinds from the broader US-China trade dispute. While there is unlikely to be a quick solution to the mounting communication failures, there is clearly a need to re-think ...


Protecting Personal Data: Who Is the Governor?

... supporting the idea. Third, suspicious international reactions are detrimental to the country’s image. Pavel Sharikov: Protecting Sensitive Data: The Experience of Russia and the US 3. Juggling various interests Following the Cybersecurity law of 2017, China introduced the non-binding national standard Personal Information Security Specification that is somewhat similar to GDPR. The main focus of the document, however, lies in ensuring national security while still making sure personal data is only ...


Europe Under Fire from US Secondary Sanctions

... foreign businesses? What is the European share of companies hit by secondary sanctions? What measures are being taken by the European Union to protect its businesses and how effective are these measures? Is there any chance of the EU creating effective ... ... prepared to lobby for these changes? How accommodating are these businesses to US authorities? Can any other major economy, such as China, assume responsibility for effecting these transformations? Who will be able or even willing to challenge US hegemony in ...


Connecting Eurasia: Is Cooperation between Russia, China, and the EU in Central Asia Possible?

Prospects and bottlenecks for Greater Eurasian Partnership Given the ongoing tensions between Russia and the European Union, only a few policy-makers and experts will give serious thought to the prospect of cooperation on connectivity between the EU, China, and Russia in Central Asia. However, as China further embarks on implementing its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and remains firmly set on pursuing the ambitious goal of connecting China overland with Europe, Russia and the EU — as indispensable ...


Iran’s Ultimatum to Europe: Is the JCPOA Doomed?

Russia can do quite a lot at the political level, but it cannot replace Europe as a potential driver of Iran’s economic and social development On May 8, 2019, Iran sent a message to Germany, Britain, China and Russia that it was suspending the fulfilment of certain obligations under the “Iranian nuclear deal” – the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA. In particular, Tehran refuses to comply with restrictions that were placed on the ...


Orders Within Orders: A New Paradigm for Greater Eurasia

... top tier. Andrey Kortunov: Heartland Reunion: Geopolitical Chimera or Historical Chance? Some analysts contend that EU-Russia relations will naturally improve over the long term. Nonetheless, in the meantime, Moscow finds itself situated between a European Union whose sanctions against Russia are one of the few signs of unity among member states, and a strategic partnership with China that rests on mixed foundations . The Kremlin is keen to play up its agreement with Beijing on normative issues, such as their shared skepticism toward regime change and their commitment to the principle of non-interference in states’ internal ...


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