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Russia’s Interests in the Arab Mashreq: Analyzing the Future of Oil and Gas in Iraq and Syria

... 48/2019 This working paper was prepared by the Russian International Affairs Council as part of the RIAC’s project on «Conflicts in the Middle East: Tools and Strategies for Settlement». This paper is devoted to analyzing the situation in the oil and gas market in Iraq and Syria, as well as the energy policy of Russia in the Arab Mashreq region. The authors also analyze Iraq’s oil prospects in the post-war period under sanctions against Iran. Special attention is paid to the Kurdish factor and the role the Kurds play in the future of energy ...


Future Maps of Syrian Transport Corridors

... Review of World Energy. June 2013. p. 8). The country’s ability to become an oil and gas transit center is strategically important for the development of its energy sector – before the armed clashes, Syria had already been a transit area for energy transportation. Since March 2011, the Syrian oil and gas sector has suffered severe damage. The destruction of oil and natural gas pipelines, combined with the impact of Western-led sanctions has hindered the exploration, development, production, and transport of the country's energy resources. Direct ...


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  1. In your opinion, what are the US long-term goals for Russia?
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