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World Petroleum Council

... honor of attending, more than 10.000 confirmed participants and exhibitors: the launch of the 2023 next Congress of World Petroleum Council in Canada” A Special Exclusive Agenda dedicated to the international experts approach upon the future OIL, GAS and Energy Markets, and decisions in Europe and worldwide, concerning the WPC and independent companies for: HC Increasing recovery efficiency in the mature fields. Methods and technology. New co-operations and arrangements for the new alliances in the field. Scope: Good business Strategy: ...


Oil and Gas Markets to 2025 - LUKoil

... 2020 the market will need an extra 50 bcm on top of the existing contracts as certain long-term contracts end, but supply will increase by 250 bcm in essence flooding the market and leading to old contracts to be renegotiated more robustly. Lastly, Europe’s notorious Third Energy Package is set to split gas transmission and storage from commercial activities. This will create a single trading hub as LUKoil points out for the entire area and as policymakers hope, eliminate major differences in prices, but as my older posts stress there are serious problems ...


Wary Bear and Shrewd Dragon

... as Mitrova highlights (in reference to Simon Pirani's recent work), Central Asia has completely moved towards the Chinese market and we ought to blame the squabbling between the EU and Russia over gas matters, as whilst these were ongoing the gas/oil potential of Central Asia was lured towards China. As we are currently seeing the infrastructure is being reversed away from Europe to Asia, yet again underlining that EU's actions were once again detrimental to its energy security with an additional cost of diminished relations with Russia. Russia's Uncertain Footing and China's Roar: As Mitrova highlights, Russia must not be delusional about its own role in the great power's game,...


European Energy Woes

... different in comparison to the EU. Situation there ended in a cancellation of the long-term contracts, but compensation was paid out to the suppliers – contracts were torn with Libya, Algeria and LNG supplies between USA and GB, involving British Gas. However, most contracts were ended on mutual consent – which was done essentially due to pressure. It is difficult to say whether this is possible in mainland Europe, as back then USA and GB were self-sufficient in energy so these contracts were not vital. However in Europe, we are talking about a region that will be increasing its energy imports. So would it be rational, for say arbitrage court in Stockholm to terminate a contract with a major supplier, as they ...


Wild World – Dr. Adrian Pabst Interview

... Lille (Sciences Po). His research concerns capitalism, religion, ethics, civil economy, European Union and wider Europe like Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. He is an Associate... ... modernisation, on the one hand, and authoritarian consolidation, on the other hand. Energy Calamity It is argued by some that the Russo-European relationship has soured... ... creating an anti-Russian stance. Has this occurred due to European attempts to lower gas import prices, or more serious underlining issues? Europe’s potential alternative...



... Gas in Russia's Eastern Energy Strategy: Dream or Reality. Also, please feel free to comment or leave a like, its always more productive to engage in a discussion! Route 2030: Dream or Reality? The rising politicization of Euro-Russian energy relations is casting doubt over future volumes of oil and gas supply to Europe, according to two researchers from Masaryk University. Their recent article evaluates the difference between policy ambitions shown by Russia and the official “Energy Strategy to 2030” (ES-2030) publication; released in 2009. M. Mareš ...


Oil and Gas Digest

... "their man", whom they could trust (See: Bloomberg). Interestingly, an inteview I've posted with an independent Russian oil producer touched upon working with the Chinese, apparently they are good colleagues (See: OGE). - Europe Gas Woes: As much as Europe has attempted to look elsewhere for its energy needs, recent developments in Iraq have once again shown that the Middle East, Africa and South America are not as reliable as Russia - due to political risks, as well as, more technical issues like transport proximity. In Iraq, the dispute amid ...


Shale Revolution – Full Steam Ahead!

... on the Pacific coast to export shale gas to Japan – where current gas prices stand at around $600 for 1000 cubic meters – that is much more than $400 paid by Europe ($500 paid by Ukraine). Further, in 2016 US should begin exporting shale gas to Europe. Traditional energy suppliers will need to keep a close eye on these developments and they may well be forced to soon drop prices for natural gas to make shale LNG imports less appealing – all will depend on the final price which may well be very low as US shale ...


Central Asia: Energy Meadow – Dr. Rico Isaacs Interview

... have been attempts to try to move away from the economy that is dependent on the exports of oil and gas. The recent relationship amid Russia and certain European states has soured leading to arguably an anti-Russian stance, particularly in regards to energy policies. Has this occurred due to European attempts to lower gas/oil import prices or more stern underlining issues? E.U. works with ‘sheikh style’ regimes of Central Asia – so additionally does the model of governance influence relations? That is a good, but difficult question as there have ...


«Oil & Gas Dialogue» IMEMO RAN

... latter’s energy needs, shows evolution of the former’s business approach and the fact that both sides can mutually benefit; the contract is a hybrid, as it is both long-term and incorporates hubs to determine pricing. But equally, the rest of Europe must value Russia’s interests in this interdependent bond as no one else can offer as much gas. E.U. must aid predictability by outlining an energy policy and do so on mutual terms, especially with what pace 70-80% ratio mentioned earlier will fall. Also the legal action against Russia’s gas giant is unproductive as unlike North America – Soviet, Russian and European infrastructure ...


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