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Is England, my England a Dying Butler?

... votes in the European Elections in the London West constituency, the largest increase of any Liberal Democrat candidate in the elections. I was then still rather starry-eyed about European co-operation, and considered it important that Britain escape from ... ... the EU. Their main objective has been to prevent any serious form of EU supranational military co-operation, in order to keep NATO going, and to continue the Cold War. Fifteen years ago, I visited the British ambassador to Greece, former colleague Simon ...


Great Powers Competition in Moldova

... Moldova is one of the epicentres of the tensions between the West and Russia, but the latter are reluctant to increase their involvement because of the unfavourable economic context, as well as the lack of direct access to the Black Sea. For the EU and NATO, the results of the recent elections should, in theory, lead to a rapprochement, but in practice Transnistria and Gagauzia will hinder the most ambitious projects. Romania is called upon to play a leading role in this rapprochement, but the divisions between Bucharest and Chisinau ...


The EU Will Not Break Free from America’s Amiable Stranglehold

... for too long,” urges Guy Verhofstadt, one of the best-known European politicians and the European Parliament Brexit Coordinator. Now, therefore, it is time “to prove itself as a true ally, not a liability,” an ally strong enough for the transatlantic ... ... any case, Donald Trump has already played his part in transforming the U.S., and global politics and economics. References Elections in the U.S.: EU Leaders Call upon the U.S. to Bolster the Transatlantic Partnership (in Russian) // DW. 07.11.2020. ...


How Ukraine Will Change After Zelensky’s Victory

... about possible changes to Ukraine’s foreign and domestic policies following Volodymyr Zelensky’s victory in the presidential elections. Olga Pylova interviews Aleksandr Gushchin, Ph.D. in History, Department of Post-Soviet Countries at Russian State University ... ... pro-Western paradigm and lead the country towards collaboration with international financial bodies, the European Union and NATO. Russia–Ukraine relations will largely depend on the general trends in U.S.–Russia relations, and I think gradually moving ...


Turkey and Germany: Souring Relations between Strategic Allies

... Incirlik RIAC Report “New Stage of Russia–Turkey Economic Relations” A military base is a strategic facility for any country. One that hosts foreign troops is doubly so. Incirlik Air Base is historically a key element of Turkey’s relations with its NATO partners, first of all the USA and the EU. It should be noted that Incirlik is not a NATO facility. Owned by Turkey, it may be used by foreign troops under a number of agreements and pursuant to issue of special government directives. Incirlik has ...


Parliamentary Elections in Finland: Expecting Foreign Policy Surprises?

... market model and Western values in order to solidify the West’s economic and political leadership. And the approaching elections are unlikely to rock this basic concern of the Finnish elite. This commonality with Western partners should be used ... ... factor in assessing the prospects for Helsinki’s future foreign and defense policies. This is why the Finnish adepts of NATO membership are not shaken either by U.S. leadership in the Western world, by Washington’s attempts to erect and legalize ...


The future of Afghanistan after elections: Predictable uncertainty

... country as a step towards resolving its many problems? One school of Russian analysts believes that tension over the election results will inevitably lead to dramatic exacerbation of interethnic strife. This might be mitigated by the presence of the NATO troops before most of them withdraw (by the end of 2014, followed by the final withdrawal at the end of 2016). After 2016, the Afghan National Army and Security Forces will be most likely not capable of preventing the return of the old bloody feuds....


Central Asia and Afghanistan 2014: High-Risk Area

Interview with Farkhod Tolipov, Director of Caravan of Knowledge Interview Afghanistan’s presidential elections on April 5б 2014 did not deliver an outright winner, and the second round is scheduled for late May. Although people ... ... no better than his predecessor, will fail to stabilize the domestic arena, where security remains the key concern. Besides, NATO is set to withdraw most of its contingent from Afghanistan by the end of this year, giving way both to fresh risks and new ...


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