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Is a Marshall Plan for Ukraine possible?

... to return to the old economic structure that the country had in the beginning of the century, but to create an entirely new economy, which could organically fit into the international (global, not just European) division of labor of the mid-21st century.... ... decisive. Much more will depend on the strategic economic decisions made in Kyiv, as well as on the long-term vision that the European Union might or might not develop regarding a unique future role of Ukraine in the Forth Industrial Revolution, which is already sweeping across the continent. Another feature of the Marshall Plan ...


China and Russia: Dialog in the Face of External Challenges

... globalization and oppose being closed off or conducting exclusionary policies in the global economy. Given the current situation, there are no opportunities to improve Russia–Europe... ... towards deteriorating relations between the two is evident. However, Russia and the European Union are geographical neighbors, and as the phrase goes, neighbors cannot... ... Eurasian continent. Now, it is vital to avoid escalating and prolonging the Russia–Ukraine conflict. While the military conflict is ongoing, escalation is still possible;...


Russia might well consider its participation in EU defence policy projects within the framework of PESCO

... future. For that to happen, Moscow would have to be ready to implement the Minsk Agreements of 2015 to bring peace to Eastern Ukraine. Have you read them? A long time ago. If you refresh your memory, you will see that Russia is not mentioned in the Agreements ... ... NATO’s lap, thereby extending a lease of life for the Alliance. Source: Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union


Four Years of EU–Ukraine Association: Teething Problems or Permanent Crisis?

... secure the planned growth rate and maintain the current exchange rate, but the professional level of the cabinet so far does not allow one to state with certainty that it will manage to cope with this task. Having received a market of cheap labour, the European Union is in no hurry to further integration with Ukraine. Election campaigns are capable of additionally burdening the economy. 2019 and 2020 will be difficult years in terms of repaying external debts. Ukraine will need to return $28.7 billion between 2018 and 2022. EU association has also failed to generate a growth in investment. In previous years, direct foreign ...


Ukraine: 25 Years of Missed Opportunities

... region this quarter of a century has been extremely rich in socio-political changes. Ukraine, however, occupies a special place even against this background as a unique... ... should have objectively been transformed with the country switching to the free-market economy model. Nevertheless, the very transition to that model proved an overall failure... ... 1990 level . This difference is only partially down to the massive assistance that the European Union has given Poland. Belarus, however controversial its economic model,...


Ukraine's Economy: Where from and Where to?

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine's economic development has been neither consistent, nor steady. During the decade 1989-1999, Ukraine's GDP fell by almost ... ... – only 0.8% of GDP. The Luhansk and Donetsk regions, also known as Donbass, are much more important for Ukraine’s economy. In 2012 the Donetsk region had the highest per capita GDP, €20,700, while the corresponding figure for Luhansk varied ...


European Council Summit: Waiting or New Sanctions?

... strengthening economic growth, creating new jobs and improving the competitiveness of the EU economy. The heads of state and government will have to approve the Annual Growth Survey... ... the Ebola virus will be important item on the agenda. As of early December 2014, the European Union had invested €1.1 billion to combat the virus, making it the largest... ... choosing to take part in military actions in the Middle East. As for foreign policy, the Ukraine crisis will take priority. On December 3, 2014, the Commission transferred yet...


Economic Tracks of Ukrainian Crisis

... which neither the U.S., nor the Maghreb, nor Iran can afford. Therefore, even if the European Union were to enact all phases of the three-stage sanctions roadmap, they would... ... economic influence. The world has reached its historic peak in terms of the market economy’s territorial distribution, but development models are becoming increasingly... ... has become increasingly dependent on market factors and transnational competition. Ukraine found itself in the thick of the geo-economic confrontation between the two...


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