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Annergret Kramp-Karrenbauer and her revolutionary foreign policy objectives for Germany

... country’s foreign policy objectives have been chosen and dictated by Uncle Sam and Germany ought to pursue the footsteps of NATO in general and the United States in particular. Since, AKK turn out to be the leader of CDU a predominant political party ... ... our day, the cracks are emerging, while Turkey despite the warnings of the NATO other members, decided to reach a deal with Russia to purchase Russian made S-400 defense system. Furthermore, the country against the will of other NATO members launched ...


Goodbye, U.S. Foreign Policy

... States, the absence of any strategy is also a strategy. Since Donald Trump officially became president, the U.S. Secretary of ... ... Within the context of increasing regional instability, constant accusations of supporting and arming terrorists and the unwillingness ... ... particularly the United States, is undoubtedly Turkey, still a member of NATO. The country disrespected international norms and laws and ... ... shackled completely, but with the latest engagement of U.S. and Russia, they were temporarily stopped from escalating. Back in ...


A Europe Whole and Free: A Utopia or, After All, a Future?

... justify this choice for, as at the Congress of Vienna in 1815, it was about integrating a former adversary into a single regional system, or as in Versailles, its exclusion from such a system of postwar relations. The double enlargement, i.e. of the NATO and the EU, as well as incomplete, in terms of Chapter VIII of the UN Charter, institutionalization of the OSCE (as opposed, for example, to the African Union) have proved to be expressions of so short-sighted a policy. Russia has been invited to neither of them. In the case of NATO for the reason of her presumed capacity to challenge the American leadership which is a fundamental principle of the Alliance’s operation. As regards the EU, the references were made to ...


Political Landscape of Europe. The Spectre of Geopolitical Solitude

... Canada have become one more evidence of this novelty. The approaches to relations with Russia have become a factor in the West’s transformation. Another one is the evolution... .... An obvious example is the G7 summit in Quebec in June, which ended in fiasco with Donald Trump withdrawing his signature from the final communiqué. The refusal was accompanied by harsh criticism of Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada... ... European neutrality. The sustained efforts of the USA to draw Finland and Sweden into NATO, if not de jure, then de facto, are by no means accidental. The next step in this...


Looking at Tiananmen Square through the Brandenburg Gate

... country has already suffered the greatest losses through the new U.S. strategy announced a year-and-a-half ago by President Donald Trump? Clearly not Russia, whose relations with Washington were far from perfect even under the previous U.S. administration. Nor is it Mexico or ... ... serious political axe to grind with Germany and China. Berlin is being chided for its “insufficient contribution” to the NATO budget and its unswerving commitment to the Nord Stream II gas pipeline, whereas Beijing is suspected of “hegemonic aspirations” ...


NATO Is Too Strong to Be Destabilized by One Particular U.S. President

Interview with Christopher Harper, former Director General of the NATO International Military Staff Following the Putin-Trump summit in Helsinki, foreign policy community does not cease to discuss the aftermath of the event and the prospects for Russia – US and RussiaNATO relations. On the sidelines of RIAC – ELN seminar, RIAC website editor Maria Smekalova discussed the most pressing issues with Air Marshal Sir Christopher Harper, former Director General of the NATO International Military ...


Five Questions that Need to be Addressed about American Foreign Policy

... that these members today are less safe as a result of the expansion of NATO. Whatever the international community thinks about Russia or its current President, it is worth revisiting the usefulness of this alliance. For the moment, NATO seems to be part of the problem, not the solution. To ‘Regime Change’ or not ‘Regime Change,’ that is the question When Donald Trump said that he thought that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad should remain as President of Syria until the terrorists ... ... within those regions. In nearly all instances, it has proved to be a disastrous policy, as many had predicted even before the crusade began. In the Middle East, it is well known that America wanted to remove the dictators of certain countries to bring “freedom ...


Open Letter to President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin

Authors: Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, Igor S. Ivanov, Sam Nunn Dear President Putin and President Trump, The chasm between Russia and the West appears to be wider now than at any point since the Cold War. In the absence of new initiatives, the knot ... ... received by global leaders and publics. A second step could be to increase military-to-military communication through a new NATORussia Military Crisis Management Group . Restarting bilateral military-to-military dialogue between the United States ...


USA and NATO: Who Needs Who?

Even during the election campaign, Trump questioned the future stability of NATO calling the Alliance an obsolete organization. Moreover, he constantly criticized ... ... criticism, including the issue of building relations with NATO, with reference to "Russia's aggressive policy in Europe." So, one of the powerful signals to Moscow... ... influenced the stance of the then presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump. Before that, he had no real grounds, except for the Ukrainian conflict...


Russia And The US: Can Containment Be Stabilised?

Even though Donald Trump has already taken office as the new president of the United States, the ... ... short and medium term. Although there is clearly a window of opportunity in terms of Russia-U.S. relations, the policies of the new president could aggravate issues that... ... Euro-Atlantic system. An asymmetric bipolar system has essentially emerged in the region, with NATO being on one side and Russia on the other. Unlike the Cold War era, there is much...


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