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Challenges to Eurasian Security in the Coming Decade

... be to maintain a balance and good relations with both parties and make sure that no significant conflicts break out in the coming decade. Central Asia: Region X Federica Prandin: The EU and Russia in Central Asia: Is There Any Room for Cooperation? Central Asia does not attract as much media attention as Ukraine or the Baltic states, which is a fundamental mistake. Russia's “soft underbelly” may well become a source of bad news in the coming decade. The future of Afghanistan presents the greatest challenge in the region. US troops will leave the country ...


The Post-Soviet Space in 2017

... returning fighters. However, we should not expect a large international operation to be conducted in order to resolve this problem; most likely, things will remain local and will be limited to individual instances of cooperation. In previous decades, Central Asian countries were at the greatest risk from the threat coming from Afghanistan. Today, the threat has not exactly subsided, but it is at least a stably predicable danger. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich Aleksandr Gushchin: Ukraine: 25 Years of Missed Opportunities Russia’s foreign policy in the post-Soviet space will be mostly aimed at looking for possible ways to tie various regional projects together, specifically the Eurasian Economic Union and China’s “One ...


Consequences of the Ukrainian Crisis for Central Asia: Shock and Awe

... be”, cannot but fuel phobias and speculation, especially in countries where Russian-speaking minorities live in compact settlements. Dina Malysheva: Russia and Turkey in Central Asia: Partnership or Rivalry? The official statements of the Central Asian states on the situation in Ukraine reflect their different levels of awareness of the vulnerability caused by such developments. The opposite ends of the spectrum are represented by Turkmenistan, which has not emphasized its attitude to what was happening, and Uzbekistan that stressed ...


The Unintended Consequence of Maidan

... telling the truth more accurately. It is not always an easy choice. Whether it has been in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, Central Asia or the Caucasus, what the world has usually seen is a corrupt and/or dysfunctional regime replaced ultimately by ... ... countries that discovered soon enough that identifying the problems was far easier than actually solving them. In that I suspect Ukraine will be no different, no matter how many elections, reforms, or ‘repositions’ the country goes through. But ...


Euro League: EU vs Russia

... traffic problems and high apartmental prices, I may reconsider my stance. Is Turkey On The Table? Still, participation of Central Asian states in the EU may not be as radical as Turkey’s, which Umland sees bearing fruits after original attempts ... ... and unavoidably looses some of their sovereignty upon joining as it is a result of any union participation. For instance, if Ukraine ratifies this accord it will need to create a new council where 50% of the members will need to be from the EU. If we ...


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