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Kyrgyzstan Experts’ Polemic: “Kyrgyzstan and the EEU: Better In than Out”

... countries outside the Union, which generates new risks. 3. How might the EEU creation affect the relations of the Central Asian republics with other counties or international organizations? Joining the EEU will have a positive effect on the interactions of Central Asian countries with organizations in which Russia plays the key role. Chinara Esengul : The current but not very constructive relations between Russia and the West do have an effect on the relations of the Central Asian republics, in particular Kyrgyzstan, with Russia and the West. But the European ...


Consequences of the Ukrainian Crisis for Central Asia: Shock and Awe

... increasingly promoted the issue of protecting compatriots “wherever they may be”, cannot but fuel phobias and speculation, especially in countries where Russian-speaking minorities live in compact settlements. Dina Malysheva: Russia and Turkey in Central Asia: Partnership or Rivalry? The official statements of the Central Asian states on the situation in Ukraine reflect their different levels of awareness of the vulnerability caused by such developments. The opposite ends of the spectrum are represented ...


Russia and Turkey in Central Asia: Partnership or Rivalry?

... There are a number of spheres that open up opportunities for Russian-Turkish interaction. Fourthly, combating crime, drug trafficking, and illegal movement of people, goods, weapons, etc. offer certain opportunities for cooperation between Turkey and Russia in Central Asia. Such interactions can be carried out through Russian law enforcement agencies (Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Federal Service for the Control of Narcotics, and the Federal Migration Service) and the relevant government ...


RIAC Discussing Great Silk Road Economic Belt

... project's input in development of Siberia and the Far East. — The Silk Road through the prism of the Eurasian Economic Union, Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS. RIAC Program Manager Helena Alekseyenkova spoke on common interests of Russia and China in the economic development, stability and security of Central Asia – the region to be perceived by the concept as a co-development area rather than a transit territory. To this end, the EEU and Great Silk Road seem hardly conflicting, since the former is aimed at institutional and juridical association ...


Bobo Lo, Frontiers New and Old: Russia’s Policy in Central Asia

For much of the post-Soviet period, Central Asia has been a backwater of Russian foreign policy. But things are changing. Circumstances in and beyond the region are driving a more committed approach in Moscow. Central Asia is critical to Putin’s aim of establishing Russia as the leading player in the Eurasian Heartland,...


RIAC Launches Joint Research with Kyrgyz Partners

On December 17, 2014, Bishkek was the venue of a working meeting for staffers and experts of RIAC and Kyrgyz National Institute for Strategic Studies on a future joint migration project. Russia is hosting about 500,000 Kyrgyz immigrants with Russian citizenship and about the same number of Kyrgyz citizens, with quite a lot of migration issues on the agenda, among them the impact of Bishkek's presence in the Customs Union and Eurasian ...


In Search of Support Points: Iran in Central Asia

... has failed to build a dynamic relationship with all the countries of the region. Iran's policy in Afghanistan that has long gone beyond the scope of only supporting ethnically close groups (the Tajiks and the Hazaras) and plays a positive role for Russia and Central Asia. The trade turnover between Iran and Afghanistan is $2 billion per year. Agreements on rebuilding and construction work on irrigation and water supply systems have been reached, and there is talk of further developing cooperation in the ...


RIAC and UNDP Cover Central Asia Problems

... of Economics, Vladimir Bartenev, Director of Center for Security and Development at Department of World Politics of Moscow State University, and Eugenia Voiko, Assistant Professor of Applied Political Science Department at Financial University of the Russian Federation Government. The participants exchanged opinions on Central Asia development problems, with the UNDP resident representatives eager to hear the Russians pundits' views because in recent years Moscow has been a key regional donor, and RIAC is interested in the feedback on its research from the largest international ...


Any Future for Russia-U.S. Cooperation in Central Asia? RIAC held an invitations-only roundtable on Central Asia

On June 17, 2014, RIAC held an invitations-only roundtable on Central Asia in view of the Western coalition withdrawal from Afghanistan and prospects for Russia-U.S. cooperation in the region. The participants focused on the situation in Afghanistan, key security risks related to the U.S. and NATO troops withdrawal, and the role of CSTO in maintaining regional security. Some attention was attached to the ...


The Unintended Consequence of Maidan

... telling the truth more accurately. It is not always an easy choice. Whether it has been in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, Central Asia or the Caucasus, what the world has usually seen is a corrupt and/or dysfunctional regime replaced ultimately by ... ... great distance just hoping an autocratic regime would fall one way or another. In the Maidan revolution this was not the case: Russia was very much interested in the long-term geostrategic consequences of regime change, and it was the blind laziness of ...


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