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Opportunities for Bringing Russian and Indian Businesses Closer Together

... association, but on its economic substance and potential as well. In this respect, we need to consider the possibilities and prospects of economic integration among the association’s member countries that would be able to create a more attractive business environment. One such condition is the bilateral work being done to bring the economic systems of the individual member-states closer to one another. The convergence of economies could provide an opportunity for this, inter alia, within the framework ...


Internet Technologies and Business: A Strategy for Joint Development?

Internet-based technologies are an integral part of the successful development of any business startup. Which sectors are leaders in using Internet technologies? What role does the government play in this area? Is the international community paying sufficient attention to this issue? Mikhail Yakushev , ICANN's Vice President for Stakeholder ...


Are We Responsible for Those We Have Tamed?

The Social Angle of Russian Business in Africa Overcoming poverty in Africa through the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 is a key task for the international community. Establishing a new agenda for development after 2015 requires the expansion and diversification ...


RIAC Helps Russian Exporters Enter Foreign Markets

On September 12, 2014, RIAC Media and Government Relations Manager Anton Tsvetov delivered a lecture at the workshop "Vietnam: Business Prospects" held during the International Business Forum in Nizhniy Novgorod. Organized by Center for Business Practice Leader , the event was opened by its Director General Galina Kudryavtseva who described the forum's aim as preparation ...


In Search For Ethics In Business

When I was invited to write on the topic of Ethics in Business by Institute IntegrityMalaysia (IIM), the first thing that crossed me was — where does one begin?Defining ethics and seeking consensus? The consensus (if reached) has to beuniversally accepted ethics that cuts across creed and culture, ...


RIAC Program to be Employed in Tver Region

RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeyev held workshop “Promotion of Russian Exporters in Foreign Internet: Basics of Content Management” for businesses and government of Tver Region. Focused on RIAC’s A+Standard program, the workshop was used to familiarize the participants with the fundamentals for the making of the corporate websites to reflect the specifics of the target audience,...


RIAC Implements Government Proposals. А+Standard program at the Russian Foreign Trade Academy

... guidelines and exercises. As this stage has been a success, we may as well carry on to the new frontiers of cooperation,” said RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeev. The training was attended by leaders and staff of exporters’ associations, business incubators and foundations from Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Tver, Ulyanovsk, Petrozavodsk and Cheboksary. The key role in organization of the training was played by Sergey Mukhin, manager of program Regional Foreign Economic Activities at the Academy,...


A+Standard As an Instrument of RIAC’s Partnership with the Russian Managers Association

... the ones who grew up at the dawn of the Internet - use email. For the third group even email is becoming an anachronism - they prefer communicating in social networks. The number of those who belong to the third group is rapidly growing. It means that business today should use new Internet possibilities to its fullest while working with target audiences. It goes both for commercial activities and social projects". This idea became the starting point of RIAC Program Director Ivan Timofeev’s ...


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