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Will Putin Take Advantage of Conflict With Kim to “Liberate” Belorussia?

Russian propaganda poster: “Tank tours over Europe. Diesel fuel is ours…” This article serves as a warning. We fear Vladimir Putin may take advantage of our Washington disarray, the natural catastrophe of Harvey, likely Irma, and the warlike scenario emerging in North Korea. He may use the coming Zapad [West] maneuvers to launch a military intervention with his Little Green Men in Belorussia as he did in Crimea and then in eastern Ukraine three years ago. We predicted the invasion of the Crimea a...


YGNL Hold its 7th Meeting

... Network on Euro-Atlantic Security) held its 7th meeting. On September 3–7, 2017, in Minsk, YGNL (Younger Generation Leaders Network on Euro-Atlantic Security) held its 7th meeting. The following issues were discussed in the course of the meeting: Belarus foreign policy and internal affairs priorities, Euro-Atlantic security issues, the development of modern societies, and the key aspects of global economic development. Young experts from Russia, EU, the USA, Ukraine, representatives of NGOs, think ...


The Armed Forces of Baltic and Eastern European States

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine The process of the breakup of the USSR into independent states naturally aggravated tensions between the newly formed countries. Unfortunately, political and economic disputes sometimes erupted into armed conflicts. Most of them resembled ...


CIS in 2017: Achievements, Challenges, Prospects

It is necessary to maintain the wide multilateral format of the CIS and to introduce new effective impulses towards cooperation Yulia Nikitina: The Post-Soviet Space in 2017 The development of cooperation within the CIS is an objective necessity for all member states of the Commonwealth. Notwithstanding the intensification of integration processes in the post-Soviet space, discussions on whether the CIS has exhausted its potential are still underway. RIAC experts share their insights into the...


Eurasian Economic Union: An uncertain future?

... expensive products from within the Union. These products would mostly come from Russian producers, as the country’s economy dominates the bloc, accounting for over 80% of the Union’s collective GDP. While initially the customs union of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan resulted in increased inter-bloc trade from 2010-2013, it is now a liability. Closer economic ties have deepened economic vulnerability among the member states; their economic performance is now linked even closer to the health ...


Belarus-Russia relations underpin cooperation in CIS

The interaction between Belarus and Russia within the framework of the Belarus-Russia Union State underpins the cooperation between the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Chairman of the CIS Executive Committee, CIS Executive Secretary Sergei Lebedev ...


Russia and Belarus: Forging Future Together

What does the changing world have in store for Russia–Belarus relations? On December 14–15, 2015, the President of Belarus paid an official visit to Russia on. In their joint statement , Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko confirmed their commitment to further deepening of bilateral collaboration....


Belarusian Experts’ Polemics: the EEU Needs New Growth Drivers

Following an agreement reached in December 2010 on establishing the Eurasian Economic Union (EEC) in the Common Economic Space of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, Alexander Lukashenko together with the Russian and Kazakh leaders welcomed the new integration project. But after the signing in Astana in May 2014 of the Treaty working towards the establishment of the EEC, the Belarusian ...


Post-election Period in Belarus: Economy Determines Politics

The recent presidential election in Belarus was associated with an unusual uncertainty, which was uncharacteristically beyond the political sphere and entirely within the economic sector. Belarus will not be shocked to learn the outcomes of the election. The country is expecting changes ...


A Half-Step from the Abyss: Belarus’s Economy Ahead of Presidential Elections

В послевыборный период высока вероятность серьезных кризисных явлений The optimistic statements by top officials in Minsk do little to conceal the fact that the economy of Belarus is in dire straits. Although they are doing their best to justify the trouble with references to numerous external factors, the real cause lies in the obsolete model of development based on the dominance of state ownership and Russian resource ...


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