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When writings on the wall are ignored

... should be revised or cancelled altogether. Under V. Zelenski even P. Poroshenko faced the accusations of treason as one of the signatories of Minsk 2. Zelenski, Danilov, Reznik, Kuleba and others members of the Ukrainian leadership repeatedly expressed their ... ... Meanwhile Moscow was concentrating troops in the European part of Russia, in the Western and Southern military districts and in Belarus. In the world history to support diplomacy or national interests with a show of force is a common tool. Suffice to say ...


Moscow’s New Rules

... behavior. Alliances, Ltd. Russia has discovered that it doesn’t have allies who would stand by it in its hour of need, but it has also found out that it doesn’t really need allies to defend itself against adversaries. In Eastern Europe, of course, Belarusian territory separates the heart of Russia from NATO territory, but the scenario of a massive overland invasion along the lines of Napoleon’s or Hitler’s incursions is very far-fetched today. The United States is a formidable adversary, but the basic stability of the U.S.-Russia relationship is ...


Why History Matters in Belarus

... strong, educated and highly urbanised population, the addition to Poland of Belarus as an adjacent dependent state would greatly strengthen Poland’s strategic weight and voice in the EU and NATO. There is also the seductive possibility of moving the NATO frontier forward to the Russia -Belarus border near Smolensk. The old game continues in the minds of some Poles. Ekaterina Chimiris: Eastern Partnership Countries: Buffer Zone or Platform for Dialogue? Obviously, Russian strategists see these threatening possibilities too, and are working ...


Challenges to Eurasian Security in the Coming Decade

... with severe consequences. Regular meetings between Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the General Staff of Russia’s Armed Forces and NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe (who doubles as the commander of the US European Command) serve as very positive signals.... ... transparency measures (observer missions during exercises and mutual notifications about planned drills and missile launches). Belarus as an island of stability Ekaterina Chimiris: Eastern Partnership Countries: Buffer Zone or Platform for Dialogue? Belarus ...


Russia’s Changing Identity: In Search of a Role in the 21st Century

... independence. 4 Current Baltic and Polish fears of a Russian invasion and occupation reflect their troubled history rather than existing realities, but “Russian aggression against the Baltic States” has become a popular narrative and a rallying cry within NATO. Belarus, which is closest to Russia ethnically and culturally, and since 1999 has formed a “union state” with it, has gradually been moving toward a more independent stance vis-à-vis Moscow. The Belarusian leadership and much of the elite view their ...


Andrey Kortunov Speaks at Lennart Meri International Conference

... trends in the development of world politics, that influence the situation in Europe. The discussion concentrated on the future of NATO and the European Union, the prospects for arms control in Europe, the issues of transatlantic relations, the rise of European ... ... etc. Andrey Kortunov, RIAC Director General, made a speech at two sessions of the Conference on the geopolitical position of Belarus in Europe and the dynamics in the development of the Middle East crisis. Dmitry Suslov and Sergey Utkin, RIAC experts,...


Opportunities for Europe, Syria and Russia with New Approaches

... favorable opportunities for all the international community in geographic areas, where Russia is highly engaged. The Baltics Contrary to promises from President Reagan, the three Baltic countries, former members of the Soviet Union, became members of NATO, an alliance directed against Russia. And contrary to their official status as “neutral” countries, Sweden and Finland, have after the Cold War also become more or less NATO members de-facto. Should the three Baltic states and even Finland one ...


Will Putin Take Advantage of Conflict With Kim to “Liberate” Belorussia?

... under serious consideration in Washington, along with a flurry of controversy. In Jiri’s interview by Alexander Motyl in The World Affairs Journal, he continue to recommend it, advocating a Swiss-Austrian model of armed neutrality for Ukraine without NATO membership,is the only possible guarantee for its full independence. As far as we know, we were the first to propose that we needed to get rid of Barack Obama’s concept of strategic patience, in our article, “Divining Putin’s Intentions; Why ...


Russia and Belarus: Forging Future Together

... Europe. Due to its lack of financial resources for modernization, Belarus was forced to decommission some of its military air fleet, a move that has weakened the air defence capacity of the CSTO on its western borders, especially given the increase in NATO’s military presence along the perimeter of Belarus and its plans to deploy a missile defence system in Poland in 2018. The unpredictable nature of the Ukrainian crisis also poses a real treat. In the context of the single air defence system of the Union State, these “gaps” can be filled ...


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