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G20: Does Multilateralism Have a Chance?

... of the West that allow the rest of the G20 members to look for and eventually find those bold and non-standard solutions that will lead to a new, more just and equal world. Perhaps these decisions will be made within the framework of the G20 minus or BRICS plus, but necessarily by countries interested in real cooperation, and not in obtaining unilateral benefits. It is this difficult year when the foundation can be laid for a stable world order without unilateral mandates, and with mutual respect ...


25 trends in contemporary international relations and world development

... conditionally soft forms of interstate cooperation, based on common interests and the desire to promote them by joint efforts. They are open and inclusive, have a variable geometry and a huge potential for further development, coming from life. The SCO, BRICS and EAEU are vivid embodiments of this trend. They oppose the cumbersome military-political alliances inherited from the past, with strict allied discipline, which were created to wage wars: this is the main reason for the crisis of NATO, which ...


The dimensions of BRICS geography

Harnessing continental distance for the developing economies may be the single most important mission for BRICS and the New Development Bank (NDB) in the coming decades Harnessing continental distance for the developing economies may be the single most important mission for BRICS and the New Development Bank (NDB) in the coming decades. The BRICS+ framework ...


From Visits to Concepts: How Russia and the U.S. See Africa’s Place in the World

... dialogue with African countries has been their participation in global negotiation platforms and non-Western political institutions. In particular, Russia supported the idea of Egypt joining the SCO as a dialogue partner and the launch of the extended BRICS format, which is still under discussion. For Cairo, institutional access to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is more than the start of a dialogue on the terrorism-separatism-extremism triad. First, participation in the same security structure ...


Integration along the North–South Axis: Opportunities for Coupling

... that such new platforms have in store for the openness of global economy, this process also entails intensifying competition between and polarization of these blocs along the North–South axis. In 2022, this opposition was increasingly noted between BRICS and G7, the leading blocs of the Global South and the Global North. Amid these conditions, it is very important to design mechanisms for interaction and cooperation between platforms representing developed and developing nations—already at the ...


A Friendship Higher Than Alliance

... mind that China, like today, supported the “new Russia” in the early 18 th century, when the confrontation between Russia and Europe heated up and the Great Northern War (1700–1721) broke out. For instance, imports of Chinese goods (primarily, fabrics) played an important role in the formation of the Russian army, which emerged victorious under the leadership of Peter the Great [ 1 ]. Since then, the relations between the two states have not suffered protracted interruptions, remaining generally ...


BRICS — How Will the Organisation Get a ‘Second Wind’?

... priorities, and seek a delicate balance Realising the positive chances from the emerging new period of growth of the association, all countries need to remain diplomatic in promoting their priorities, and seek a delicate balance that will give the BRICS the required stability in the next development cycle, writes Valdai Club expert Dmitry Razumovsky . BRICS, which was rapidly gaining momentum in the first decade of its operation, has, expectedly, over the past few years faced a certain crisis ...


Russia has made a decisive break with the West and is ready to help shape a new world order

... perhaps hard to believe now but – only eight years ago – Russia was a full member of the former G8. Since then, there have been dramatic changes Just before the G7 leaders met at Elmau Castle in Bavaria last week, their counterparts from the five BRICS countries held an online summit under the Chinese presidency. Russia had been discussed as a threat at the G7 gathering but was a key participant in the latter. Long gone are the days when Moscow could straddle the divide between the West and the ...


The ‘Multiplier Effect’ of BRICS+

The possibilities offered by the “integration of integrations” track for BRICS+ are substantial The possibilities offered by the “integration of integrations” track for BRICS+ are substantial, provided that such a platform is open, inclusive and ensures connectivity across regional integration arrangements – this will ...


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