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A Panda and a Bear in the Caribbean

... AK-103 assault rifles under license and another to produce 7.62-mm ammunition for the rifles is nearing completion in Maracay. In 2013, Venezuela signed an agreement to establish a helicopter service center. Since 2005, Venezuela has concluded deals for Russian arms and military equipment valued at about $12 billion . The supply of weapons under contract to the Bolivarian Republic is still ongoing, but the broader situation has changed. The possibility of signing new agreements in the near future is less likely....


Military Development in Transcaucasia: an Arms Race?

... In the post-Soviet period, Baku has refrained from buying from Russia, with the first deal concluded only in 2007 when the Azerbaijanis purchased 62 T-72 tanks and BTR-80 armored personnel carriers, probably right off the line. [7] Since that time, Russia's share in the Azerbaijani arms market has been on the rise, ousting previously dominant Ukraine, Belarus and Eastern Europe. Arms supplies are arriving into the region mainly from Russia, Israel, Ukraine, Turkey, as well as from the CIS and East European countries. From 2002 ...


Who is the Victim, Who is Winner: Sanction on Russia’s Defense Import? [2] Darya Korsunskaya and Lidia Kelly, “Russian government admits economy in crisis as Ukraine weigh”, March 17, 2014, [3] The data from international arms transfer database, SIPRI. [4]


Africa: the Potential Arms-sell Competition among the EU, Russia and China?

... acquisition of maritime assets will be taken priority by the most sub-Saharan African states. The sophisticated weapon systems made by Russia and China have been exported to African states, especial Sub-Saharan states. In December, 2013, it is reported that Russia’s state arms export monopoly said that it would deliver 12 Su-30K fighter jets to a nation in southern Africa. Contrary to the past, Chinese defense groups show its ambitions to develop African market with their high-technology weapons. From 2009 t0 present, ...


Russian Arms Export: Strategies of Influence

Notwithstanding the multitude of dire predictions about the decline of Russian arms exports, Moscow is building up its military-technical cooperation with foreign partners, firmly holding onto second place among global arms exporters. In 2013, sales of Rosoboronexport, Russia's sole vendor of defense items, reached USD 13.2 billion ...


Asia Arming Itself: Military and Technical Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region

... to Indonesia, worth more than $100 million. Seventeen such vehicles were delivered in the past and the contracts for the supply of the Mi-17 and Mi-35 helicopters and aircraft armament systems [19] are being currently carried out. More than 90% of Russian arms exports to the Asia-Pacific region go to China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. Deliveries to other countries of the region are more sporadic. In some large markets, especially those in South Korea and Singapore, the products created by our military-industrial ...


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